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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band EDM Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"RedHeadPhone Reviewed by Armistead Johnson Photographed by Evan Sung"

It’s rare that I buy CD’s these days… it’s so easy not to, what with downloading (legally, of course) and with music sharing (legally, of course) and just with how easy it is to slip a CD into my coat pocket and sneak out of the store (legally, of course), but after hearing the girl group “Redheadphone” the other night at Joe’s Pub, I gladly shelled out the $7 for their CD.

It’s hard to describe RedHeadPhone’s music as it is like no other music I have ever heard before, but they are a self described “trip-hop” group and their music is “a collaboration of live performance and turntables.”

Eve Hyman of RedHeadPhone

Eve Hyman of RedHeadPhone

Vocalist/songwriter, Eve Hyman, is a product of influences from Guru and KRS One to Etta James - to PJ Harvey and her vocal talent is impressive to say the least. In one second she sounds like Mary J and in the next second she sounds like she is onstage at the Met. Eve shares the stage with Annemette Iversen's, whose upright bass runs up on hip-hop beats with a jazz sensibility. Katja Endemann balances flute and saxophone in the live mix in an unusual call and response between production and live instrumentation. Rounding out the group is DJ Jenny Doom, who uses the turntables alongside the instruments like a member of a chamber group.

Put as simply as possible, RedHeadPhone is a cool blend of jazz, hip-hop, electronics and operatic vocals that, in one moment, will have you nodding your head, at peace with the world and, in the next moment, will leave you feeling violently assaulted…in a good way.

Check out for schedules, show times and CD’s. - New York Cool

"Readheadphone at S.O.B.'s"

"Try the Capairina," the young man outside S.O.B's told me as I was entering the bar. I was early and the place was sparsely filled. But perhaps everyone was waiting for Redheadphone at 10:00. Because when they went on, the place was suddenly packed.

Eve Hyman has the beat, the band and the authenticity! Back up vocal singer Tisra Dewitt rocked the mic with her tender harmony. Their funky sound was complimented by Micah Gaugh on the saxophone. DJ EMZ spun the beats for the “phone.” The group was joined by jazz flutist Monet for Hyman’s song "Rough Enough," written after September 11th while Hyman was still in L.A. Their music chimed to a different beat, resembling a mixture of Dido, Les Nubians and Mystic with an unexplainable twist that is solely their own. Hyman is dynamite. Her vocal capabilities were best displayed in her song "Get You Out of My Head," which reminded me of Portishead.

Eve wore a zigzagged striped dress which psychedelically complemented her ever-grooving body. She used her hands and body to paint a picture and illustrate the stories within her songs. Between songs, she hollered out things like, "Try the pumpkin drink!," (a mixture of Pumpkin mix and Captain Morgan's spiced rum). She grooved it.

Check out Redheadphone's music on myspace: Their CD "Red to Go" will be out in the beginning of 2007. S.O.B.'s is located at the corner of Varick Street and Houston, convenient to the 1 and 9 trains. To check out upcoming live performances at S.O.B.'s log onto:
- New York Cool

"Track #3: Redheadphone"

Pourquoi? Now this is different, and made all of us sit up and take notice. We love a brand new sound that we can get behind. Creators of possibly the most fun track on the cd, we want to pal around with them. - Jane Magazine/


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