Gunnison, Colorado, USA

We're a husband and wife duo who write lyric driven music about life. Folk, Americana and Punk influences, our music is moody and playful at the same time.


Thadd and Marie met in 2000 playing music in the Albany NY music scene. Marie was driven to Thadd's edgy songwriting and unique voice; Thadd to Marie's vocals and stage presence. They started playing music together and then dating. 11 years and 2 bands later, they are back to their duo roots. Their Influences include Wilco, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Ryan Adams, Neko Case, Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and the Butthole Surfers. We also really admire The Books and Bright Eyes. We have a hard time fitting into a genre, and try to use traditional instruments in unique ways (please don't ask Marie to play any Polka on the Accordion).



Written By: Thaddeus K Smith

I’m Lost........... on you
I’m Lost........ in all things blue
You’re Quick......... to judge
And I’m here to worry, worry, worry............. Emily.
Your skies........ and bright eyes gone
And I don’t know why
Have you changed? Are you free?
Did the pain make you leave, leave, leave, Emily?

Back to the east coast
A long way from home
The airplane ride, you can’t hide, is miserable.
There is nothing beyond, behind Emily’s eyes

Time can only heal, all your fears are real, enough to hang on too, Emily
Enough to sink your teeth into, life is so cruel, can’t you feel, Emily

Just a Dream

Written By: Thaddeus K Smith

I’ve heard every word

It’s the truth

You’re going up

with your glass completely full

Sit with me

Talking lullaby

“The world will open up to you”

I thought it was just a dream

I thought it was just a dream ( just a fantasy )

The kind with hopes and wishes

The kind that makes you scream

I’m turned upside down with envy

There is so much more to see

My Home My Country

Written By: Thaddeus Smith

You unlocked your hand and gave me the key
I could come and go as I pleased
But I felt trapped and lonely
Tearing at you.......tearing at me

I kissed the road and opened up my gate
I went as fast as my motor could take
Lost, lost me
My home , my home
inevitably is behind me
My home my home home
inevitably is ahead of me

You locked your fist and gave it to me
Beat me down until I could not see
and my heart was empty
It came to occupy my every thought
The road turned mean

On the roadside, broken down,
My feet dangling in the sun
Burning in my memory
How unforgiving
This country can be
When your heart is free
My home , my home
inevitably is behind me
When my heart is free.

Spread Thin

Written By: Thaddeus K Smith

With all the time we have,
We should sit and talk and laugh.
We’ll tell each other everything we know.
Lets not dwell on all that is bad.
Get out from under what we’ve had.
Lets lock the doors, and turn the keys into our home.

But our lives set in,
It’s all we can do to meet our ends.
We’re spread so thin,
folded over and over again.
Too jet set and caught with nothing left.

Call your family and your close friends.
Take into account the time difference.
Help us out only if you can.
I wish we could make a change.
We work so hard with nothing gained.
All our money just comes and goes.

But our lives set in.
It’s all we can do to meet our ends.
We’re spread so thin,
folded over and over again.
Too jet set and caught with nothing left.


Written By: Thaddeus Smith and Marie Matthews

8 years old, litter everywhere.
Parking lot of a fast food restaurant.
Yellow Jackets Buzzing round,
They'll bite you if they can.

Waiting here, wasting time.
Kicking rocks.
Watching traffic go by.
But you never came.

Families laugh, kids screw around.
Parents yell and explode.
Sitting side by side.
In their scolding silence.

Waiting, wishing, I was anywhere. . . but here.

Stuck between my family and the families
Butterflies . . . inside.

I'm thinking of a place that would make this just all go away but I can't no I can't think of one.

I am waiting.


None are released or have gotten national airplay, but here's the music we have down.

The Daily Landslide of Life in Your Hands (Nohellers 2001)
Bent (Nohellers 2003)
Gone Forever (Nohellers 2004)
RedHeadSet Basement Recordings (28 original songs by RedHeadSet 2008-11)