Red Host

Red Host


Loud, love, rock music. From Sacramento, CA. Two girls and a guy. We are Red Host.


Red Host is drummer Jess Gowrie, bassist Ian Bone and singer/guitarist Chelsea Wolfe. The three met through mutual friends in 2006 as Ian and Jess were back home in Sacramento on the tail-end of different bands (Jess ex drummer for The Drama, Ian ex bass player for Deluxe) and Chelsea was looking for musicians to support her solo project. Once they got together to practice Chelsea's songs, though, they quickly realized they had a musical chemistry that was headed in a different direction and decided to start a completely new project: Red Host. Influenced by a wide range of bands and musicians such as Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age, John Frusciante, Ours and even Hank Williams, the band simply seeks to create honest and dynamic music. Red Host has spent the last year touring around the West Coast and recording their first EP titled "UNCLEAN," which they released in April of this year.



Set List

A typical set can be anywhere from 25-60 minutes including 5-10 original songs.

Songs include:

1) The game
2) Your other
3) Tides
4) Eight inches apart
5) History
6) I'm not the enemy
7) Black Waves
8) Sugar in the raw
9) Hole in the Head
10) 40th Chorus