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Red Hot Roxy @ The Mint

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Red Hot Roxy @ Zen Sushi

Los Angeles, CA, California, USA

Los Angeles, CA, California, USA

Red Hot Roxy @ Zen Sushi

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Twisted Life", Red Hot Roxy.

This band's CD isn't even out yet, but try to get a copy if you can. When I heard the song, I actually thought this was new Garbage from Shirley Manson or The Pretenders. Nope. Turns out one of lead singer Shannon Gray's top five musical influences is none other than Chrissie Hynde. Weird how that works out.

Lanaly Cabalo - The Garden Island Press, Hawaii


"Twisted Life" Single, released 11/05.

10-Song "Red Hot Roxy" LP, released digitally 11/06



Believe it or not, there's a place for science in rock and roll. Sometimes, if you're lucky, chemistry plays a big factor. You're about to meet a band who's got it. And if you want to do the math, you'll find that 90% of bands think they're the best band in the world - but it's the 10% that actually are. That 10% that are out to save a scene, to make you feel something. Who can actually do that? You guessed it - same band.

So, L.A. is a tough place for a band to get off the ground? Well, it's time to take a look up. Meet Red Hot Roxy.

Like a bright neon sign, Red Hot Roxy stand out amongst the L.A. Sunset slash industry scene, and for a change, it's not about the facade or the "sell" (although they are kind of pretty). It's actually about "getting people moving again!" swears Shannon Gray, the vibrant lead singer for the California group. Bored of the archetype of sad girls singing ballads over acoustic guitars, Red Hot Roxy use their debut to rediscover rhythm as the central nervous system of a song, and put heart back into songwriting. As evidenced in the breakout ooh-la-la track "Twisted Life," they know that if a band relies on great songs (remember those?) listeners will be able to make a lasting connection. This is the world of Red Hot Roxy.

Like a musical jigsaw puzzle, the five members have had the good fortune of coming from distinctly different musical histories to gel into one sound - funky, upbeat melodies that contrast with brash lyrics that are beautifully crafted and brutally honest all at once. Singer-songstress Shannon Gray is a California native who grew up idolizing Fleetwood Mac's strong and unique spectacle of rock'n'roll mysticism, and knew someday she'd find a band she could lead like Stevie Nicks before her. Recalling that aesthetic, Red Hot Roxy embody the way that personalities in a band can be mirrored by the songs, stage presence, and live shows. Guitarists Oliver Brodhage and Alex Mrazek, both L.A. transplants, proved to be musical soulmates, which is evident on the bands swirling, ecstatic guitars that adorn Gray's cocksure, sultry vocals. Two guitars are better than one, it's true . . . so Mrazek (a Chicagoan turned California surfer) brings a sophisticated, polished quality to the group, a style juxtaposed nicely against (German expat) Brodhage's razor sharp licks. Suddenly Red Hot Roxy are bigger than life and brighter than Hollywood.

RHR embrace the ethics and hard work indie ideology - playing out, rehearsing nonstop, and recording the next knockout song.

Some say writing and playing music are a musical exorcism. If that's true, Red Hot Roxy are saints of song.

Written by: Erin Smolinski

Contact: Alex Mrazek (858)336-8121