Imagine Korn mixed with Prodigy beats, groovy Jungle-Rock, infectious beats peppered with percussion, heavy music to headbang or dance to. The music is easy to get into, and our live show souds just like our recording. Their album is called 'Killohead'. The band is working with ISL PR (


'RED i CLAN' is the brainchild of Sor (vox), a classically trained musician that studied classical guitar and composition in Europe. It grew from the need to make something new, yet still edgy. To accomplish this he enlisted the help of his friends, Remy (guitar) and Clemens (drums), all of whom are professional musicians.

Rather than rehash old formulas, 'RED i CLAN' tries to bring some new ‘noise’ to the table, push the envelope, while still making music that is easy to get into.

Taking the project out in Europe, where the band was originally formed, the boys discovered that audiences go ballistic for the beats and the fresh sound that 'RED i CLAN' delivers live.

Next to the crunchy hard rocking sound, 'RED i CLAN' draws heavily from the classical and jungle/electronica genres and combines it all together into a jolted musical style that is all their own. Drum beats ‘hopped up on steroids’, tight crunchy guitars, sub-bass and synths are melted into infectious grooves that pulsate and make it hard for people to stand still.


Brown Milk

Written By: RED i CLAN

Brown milk, suck it from the nipple
Yeah, yeah, let it always trickle
Brown milk and you start to dribble
Yeah, yeah, you're getting feeble
Brown milk, give me all I need
Yeah, yeah, I can't resist
Brown milk, that's all it took
Brown milk, you've got me hooked

Brown milk, I can feel the scent
Yeah, yeah, my element
Brown milk can you get me high
Yeah, yeah, so I can fly
Brown milk eating at my brain
Yeah, yeah, I'm out again
Brown milk, I can kiss the sun
Brown milk, you're number one

I'm down again
Kissing the ground, my friend
I'm down again,
But I'll never give it up

Never knew which way to go
'cause I'm always gonna stray
Never knew what I should do
'cause I can't hear what you say
Never knew what it's all about
'cause I'm caught in a vicious chain
Never knew that it really hurts
'cause I don't, don't feel the pain

Set List

5 original song + 2 covers (some well known songs done in our own style)