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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Red Ink Spills EP"

A stop-start brat-fuzz-punk delight from these local lads who've only just gotten off the ground. It's got the urchin-with-a-baritone street-punk-hook-heavy-rock of the first Libertines album, but with a more cohesive edge, making for a brilliant ride of seat-of-your-pants rock. With charming melodies, sweet guitars, and a turbo-pop-rock aesthetic, Red Ink Spills are devastatingly cool, and pretty much the fucking bomb.

- Beat Magazine

"Red Ink Spills"

The thing that sets Red Ink Spills apart from Melbourne's (wonderful) plethora of lo-fi, off-kilter, garage indie bands is the lead voice, which sits somewhere between swaggering Alex Kapranos and sneering Lou Reed. It's a Grates-esque arrangement which greets us in the form of opening track "Love my Baby," which doesn't worry too much about timing or perfection in favour of raw, frenetic energy. "Come on Out" veers close to new-wave territory without actually crossing the border, whilst "Little Exit" features some clever, jagged interplay between the guitars, amidst an endearingly daggy chorus of falsetto. The EP ends with "Pistol Shaped Cigarette Lighter," the closest the band gets to straight ahead rock. Clocking in at a mere seven minutes, the Red Ink Spills EP is this week's short personal reminder as to why I live in this city. - Beat Magazine


Red Ink Spills EP (independent, 2005). Played on PBS Radio Melbourne.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Red Ink Spills have played barely a handful of dates and already they're getting props for their brash live shows and killer tunes.

Red Ink Spills recently launched their debut self titled EP to a big boozy crowd at the Old Bar. The EP feautures four slices of their blazing rocknroll set, including their rollicking sing it to your hick-punk girlfriend anthem, "Love My Baby."

Red Ink Spills have played with such Melbourne rock'n'roll luminaries as The Tranquilizers, Hot Little Hands, Basil, The Hovercrafts, Kids from Russia and The Bites. Recently they appeared at the hip saturday night club Click-Click to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Bits of Red Ink Spills have been playing together in various combinations since September 2004; now they are finally all in the right place at the right time. Trying to impress each other with spectacular rock antics, they've knocked together a few ditties, with nods to Descendents, The Libertines, Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, The Velvet Underground and Violent Femmes, for your listening pleasure.

Spills songs are pure pop, extended or condensed with unexpected structures, twists and turns. They always seek out the challenge of fitting sophisticated lyrics and tales to insistently catchy melodies and rythmic patterns, like a Sudoku through time.

Red Ink Spills are currently planning their next recordings and looking at playing interstate and internationally.