Red Jr

Red Jr

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Red Jr is an up and coming band comprised of four talented musicians who enjoy making music and having a good time while doing it. Each member has a unique musical background, and when they join forces on stage something magical happens. Red Jr is you, and you are Red Jr.


Hailing from the musical mecca known as Chicago, Red Jr. formed in early 2010 and began playing locally at places like The Doubledoor, Martyrs, and The Cubby Bear. Some influences include Wilco, Radiohead, Animal Collective, Death From Above 1979, Reptar, Neil Young, and BATTLES to name a few. Red Jr enjoys writing, recording, and producing their own songs in their basement/studio in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. With three members attending Columbia College's sound program, their skills on the mixing board are showcased as well as their musicianship. This allows for Red Jr to spend their time doing what they love most, which is playing music. Red Jr just finished their first E.P. and are already working on a full length album that they hope to release spring 2012.


"Red Jr" E.P. - 2011
1.Go A Little Crazy
2.The Rescue
3.Starry Eyed
5.Record Store