Red Label Catharsis

Red Label Catharsis


A little something coming from the 2% that just seems to know something. I take alot of shit man, but Ive never met another man Id rather be. Its the 21st century blues. A blues for every color of skin.

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Black Feathered Blues

Written By: Shane A LaPorte

Hung, Drawn
Quarter till Noon
If you wake up now
Surely you'll feel them blues

Buried At Sea

Written By: Shane A LaPorte & Traditional

Fifteen men and a bottle of rum

Dance, Gentle Maiden

Written By: Shane A LaPorte

The sea is calling you by your name
Can you hear the dance,
the midnight song?

Black Label The Old Crow

Written By: Shane Anthony LaPorte

Ive been told
Ive been known to lose control.
She said shes seen me driving drunk down the road.
Like a train on a derailed track.
(you know I had something riding on my back)

Never used to sink so low
Word after word has been thrown
the battle with the bottle begins
and no one ever has to know,
So black label this old crow.

Had I known
Twenty years from now looking back
and I still cant find the good in man.
Have I always been this laughing show?
Had I known Id lose sight of the virtuous path
(all alone in a rusted Dodge van)

Never used to stoop so low
glass after glas has been thrown.
No woman, no children, no home
so they will never haave to learn
to black label this old crow


various compilations made for friends.

Set List

Typical setlist includes a stomping delta groove and greasy slidework, mellow acoustic countryfolk and drone, some obscure conversation and a few obscure covers all thrown into one. Covers so far including versions of the Swans, Danzig, John Fahey and Leonard Cohen