Red Leaves

Red Leaves

 Austin, Texas, USA

Red Leaves brings to the table a sharp post-punk attitude while utilizing a more accessible pop structure with distinct melodies, unexpected rhythms, and compelling lyrics & vocals awash in distortion - It's a potent combination. Since 2004 the band has released 4 EPs and 1 LP.


The band formed in 2004 in Austin. Since then they have self-released 4 EPs and 1 Full Length Album. Stay tuned for the next release!

“Often, you’ll find a dark and dissonant vibe in the sound of Austin low-fi indie trio Red Leaves, but they’ve got a knack for keeping it uptempo with surprising rhythm. There’s something infectious about melodic arrangements with a sharp post-punk attitude, conveying emotion without getting too sappy. Expect great things from this band…”
– KUT 90.5 FM: Texas Music Matters, September 2008

“… lo-fi trembling synth melodies and jaunty calculated guitar stabs… Lujan’s vocals are urgent and pleading, juxtaposed nicely with fellow singer Singer’s airy chants of reassurance… the dark and lively soundscapes Red Leaves weave remain fresh and poignant like old love letters to someone you still hold the flame for.”
– Austin Independent Magazine, March 2007

“All the Zombies blends Cureish singing with muffled, lo-fi guitar pop…”
-Joe Gross, XL Magazine, July 2006

With their most recent release in November of 2009 of EP “Trouble in the City of Water”, the band plans on a Texas tour late Spring of 2010, and have plans to record a fourth EP by the summer.


2009 "Trouble in the City of Water" (4 song EP)
2008 "By Road or Rail" (9 song LP)
2007 "Disposable Parts" (6 song EP)
2006 "All the Zombies" (6 song EP)
2005 "12 Hours" (6 song Demo)

All EPs have been SELF- RELEASED
(300-400 COPIES OF EACH)

Have had radio airplay of tracks:
Frankie Machine
Kill Your Sister
Dungeon Dance
All the Zombies
Bicycle Escape Plan
Market Place

on KROX Austin
KVRX Austin
KUSF Berkely
KSYM & KRTU San Antonio
KUNM Albuquerque
KZRR 94Rock Albuquerque
KJACK Flagstaff
NPR 93.5 Marfa Radio

Set List

30-50 minute set:

(all songs 3-4 minutes long)
Ghost Paws
Walk in Circles
Dead Weight
Lost at Sea
Market Place
Dungeon Dance
Drunken Boy
Always Behind
Walk in Circles
Lost at Sea
Dead Weight
Ghost Paws
Bicycle Escape Plan
The Fight
Kill your Sister
Cowboys & Indians
St. Charles
I go to Sleep
King of the Birds
Talk in Circles
Cut Throats....