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The best kept secret in music


"Metronome Magazine, Feb 2004"

Redletter is a grand sounding band in the vein of Tears for Fears and Big Country. They create a massive wall of sound colored by sterling vocals and chiming intstrumentation. Lead singer Jeff Knowlton exhibits an excellent vocal range that’s capable of dipping to bellowing lows then rising to mindnumbing highs. The effect is, at times, surreal. Meanwhile the taut rhythm section of Richey Tally and Matthew Hershey keeps a steadfast beat to to the proceedings as guitarist Dave Murray injects his soaring guitar lines. Knowlton’s piano work is an added plus to these tracks, creating a lush backdrop for the lyrics. With superb songwriting and an equally fine delivery, Redletter could become one of Boston’s finest musical commodities. --by Douglas Sloan - Metronome Magazine

"Stanky Groove, May 2004"

When you realize that not a single note on this modest offering sounds forced, it'll be hard to believe that it also contains such enhanced vocal harmonies that haven't been so richly crafted since the glory days of early alternative...This humble, self-released EP is also the perfect drifter record - a short list of tracks with such intimate musical structures that could make all the new cities and homes you're heading to as your left wheel hugs those strips of yellow lines seem forever promising.... These boys in Redletter from Cambridge, Massachusetts have really got the hipster talents and ignorant wisdom to reverse time and make you appreciate alternative rock again for what it really was meant to be. --by Kevin Rogers -

"Splendid Ezine, Apr 2004"

The term 'alt-rock' doesn't quite have the impact it did a few years ago. Today, it pretty much refers to anything you hear on top-forty radio that isn't hip-hop. Redletter definitely fits the alternative bill, but don't stop reading just yet, as they've actually got something to contribute to the style. The band is straight-up rock -- the kind that's a little too hard for your parents, but not hard enough for your little brother. "Emily" swings the tempo hard with a subtle piano and ride cymbal combo, driven by dual guitars. It's a simple love song: " this one gonna last? I've weathered every storm that we've been put through." These are common words, but vocalist Jeff Knowlton seems more sincere than most. "Perfect Ending" shows a softer side of the music and Knowlton's voice -- an intimate whisper, echoing a younger and less drug-addled Scott Weiland.....Redletter could easily open for Dashboard Confessional, Coldplay or Pete Yorn. If you saw them open for one of those acts, you'd probably be really impressed and leave the venue thinking, "Wow, that opening band was just as good as (fill in your choice of low-cred headliner). Redletter might even inspire a return to the radio stations that play this bloated whale of a genre -- but buying the disc will be less painful in the long run. --by Dave Madden -

"Boston Soundcheck, July 2002"

3 stars (out of four) - Mellow alternative rock with an indie feel to it..... The lyrics are philosophical, introspective, and maintain a sense of reality. Softly strumming guitars, accompanying basslines, and well-played drums complete this quartet... Check these guys out as an alternative to the popular rock played on radio stations all across Boston, the change will be refreshing to say the least. --by Samantha - Boston Soundcheck Magazine

"The Noise, May 2004"

Redletter play well-crafted indie rock...execution is flawless and punchy, helped especially by the strong production of Q Division. I hear some traces of Hum, and even a touch of Radiohead but far less whiny....plenty of talent and potential here. --by Z - The Noise


Redletter - Self-titled LP (2001)
Redletter - The Spirit and The Chemicals (4-song EP) (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 2000, REDLETTER has been called everything from pop rock to atmospheric alternative rock, a fitting spectrum seeing as they describe their sound as having mass appeal, with sophisticated dynamics and sublime lyrical content. Upon completing their second EP, “The Spirit and The Chemicals,” the group has seen great success, including performances with national acts
The Push Stars, Loveless and Mr. North. They were chosen to perform at the 2004 WBCN Rock n’ Roll Rumble, where they were dawned the favorite by Boston Magazine in their May issue. “Their execution is flawless and punchy.” (Z, The Noise) The hook-driven guitar lines and soft piano ballads draw comparisons to bands like Coldplay and Pete Yorn, but it is easy to detect a distinctive sound or emotional outpouring that is inherently and unmistakably their own. The band is Matt Hershey (drums), Jeff Knowlton (guitar, piano, vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), and Richey Tally (bass), and with over 100 shows under their belt, Redletter is currently enjoying its highest sense of personal chemistry and willingness to reach larger audiences. Redletter tours the east coast regularly. The songwriting is limitless and beautiful, and the band’s live show has been described as both engaging and surreal.