Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL

Our music is the product of us pushing the limits. Our influences are taken from all ends of music to create some sort of funky, alternative rock, popy, jazzy sound. Every song we write is different from the others but is still reckognisable as us.


Red Letter Day is where five musicians and artists of different tastes and influences come together and make music they are all proud of. Music that reflects all of their individual tastes and combines them in a way that is unique to this band. We try to challenge ouselves to write music that pushes us and our listeners. Lyrically our songs have and promote good morals and peace. The Band consists of: Sam Swindells (Guitar and Vocals), Richard Surrey (Guitar and Vocals), Adam Ruddell (Bass), Ryan Hale (Drums, Vocals and Mandolin) and David Holland (Piano/Keys).


Guiding Light

Written By: Sam Swindells, Ryan Hale

The sun has gone down
But I still see light
It shines through the darkness
It's love that shines bright

In a world surrounded by darkness
It's that light that leads the way
I can't get lost now
"cause that light shines bright as day


The things that we made we gave away
We proudly said what you couldn't say
'cause we realize that this way is not the way
Then you showed me the way through this maze

Verse 2

I've lost so much
Yet gained so much more
The things we take for granted
Are now the things we abore

So much wasted time
Time spent being the fool
Seeking love and attention
When giving it's the rule