Red Letter Statement

Red Letter Statement


Red Letter Statement is a band eager to grow both as musicians and as people. Their influences include but are not limited to: Underoath, Thrice, Oh Sleeper, He Is Legend, Story of The Year, Emery, Jesse Sprinkle, etc. We are influenced by everything we hear.


Red Letter Statement was formed in the fall of 2007 with a desire to reach people through their music. Within three weeks of forming, the band performed their first show, at a Battle of The Bands. In the span of 3 weeks, the band wrote 4 songs, deliberated and decided on a band name, took promo photos, and promoted like crazy for their first show. In January of 2008 the band recorded a four song Demo with Jesse Sprinkle (Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, Poor Old Lu.) Recording this demo was a learning experience for the band. It allowed the band to listen to their music from a third person perspective. This being said, the band quickly realized some errors they had made, and were able to fix their mistakes for their live performance. Over the summer of 2008, the band began demoing out their new songs to prepare to record their next E.P. This process allowed the band to hear their mistakes and fix them as well as learn all of their parts before entering the studio again. Over the course of their first year as a band, Red Letter Statement played around 20 shows throughout New York State. Fast forward to now. In January of 2009, Red Letter Statement went back into the studio at Bluebrick Recordings with Jesse Sprinkle to record their debut E.P. The band spent a week in the studio, recording eight songs. During this time, songs became more devopled, relationships grew stronger within the band, and the band learned alot from Jesse. The E.P. is in the process of being mixed and mastered, with a pending release date in mind. The band has huge plans in store, so please check back often.


"More To Life Than Being Alive" Demo

New E.P. out soon!

Set List

Songs We Currently Play (All original):
Set The Standard
It's All For You
Three Feet Away From Things That Burn
Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
See Past the Transparency
The Lighter
I Can't Wait
The Fight Song
South of Heavy

Songs We Don't Play Anymore (Originals and One Cover)
Thoughts That Erase Minds
Come Here
Goodbyes For A Better Day
Jumper (written by Third Eye Blind)

We typically play between 20-30 Minutes but can play longer.