Red Light Band

Red Light Band


The Red Light Band is a Des Moines-based funk, rock, and jazz group. Combing a variety of influences, the band prides itself on its energy, musicianship, and stage presence. The group plays a wide variety of cover material, ranging from 60's soul jazz to contemporary pop and rock.


The Red Light Band began three years ago at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. The members, all part of the Drake jazz program, aimed to explore new musical paths. The group that formed through this early experimenting would become one of the Des Moines scene's most exciting bands.

A little over a year ago, the band traveled the world. The band gave two well-recieved performances at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival and Brienz Jazz Festival. The band also briefly toured the midwest, culminating in winning first place at the Eau-Claire, Wisconsin Jazz Festival. The band's success comes partially from the variety of influences brought into it, from Dave's love of modern jazz to Josh's interest in blues and soul music.

No Red Light Band performances are identical. Taking their cure from the great tradition of jazz and blues, the band is never afraid to change up a performance to fit the audience. The one constant is that they always maintain the same amount of excitement and energy.


The band is currently working on its first CD of original music.

Set List

The Red Light Band has played gigs from two to fours long. A typical Red Light Band set will be around 45 minutes long or 6-7 songs, though set lengths can vary depending on the requirements of the venue. The normal set list includes a mixture of uptempo tunes and ballads from artists including Jamie Cullum, Eric Clapton, Harry Connick, Jr., Kenny Garrett, and Wilson Pickett, as well as some originals.