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"Not the Same Old Same Old"

Norwich Bulletin
Posted Feb 07, 2008 @ 07:03 PM

So you think you can cover a song?

Think again, compadre — it’s tough business out there.
You’re at a bar or club, playing for a bunch of people
getting increasingly drunk, wanting to hear their favorite
Your job — not to screw them up. Meanwhile, you want to
keep your integrity, so you don’t play “Sweet Home
Alabama” and “Susie Q” every night. Yes, being a cover
band is a tough gig, but it’s one Red Light District has
already mastered.
Tom Beausoleil, Rob Brannon, Mike Marino and Marc
Dupois make up Red Light District — Red Light if you wish
— a band who plays everything from the Beatles to
Metallica. Their striking variety is because of their three
“When you have that one singer, you’re limited to what you
can do,” Brannon said. “We can pick and choose.”
They’ll grab songs from all across the rock spectrum, but
often play bands’ second-tier hits, songs that aren’t usually
the first choice for most cover bands. (While one band will
play “You Shook Me All Night Long,” they’ll go with “TNT.”
Instead of “Walk This Way,” they play “Same Old Song and
“We try to be different than any other band,” Beausoleil said. “Our set is fresher than most bands. There are millions
of songs out there, and for us to do the same 40 tunes that everyone else does is idiotic.”
Both Beausoleil and Brannon said fans respond highly to Red Light District.
“We try to make the show fun, and make an experience,” Beausoleil said. The band hires a professional sound
company for every show, and has their own lights.
Of course, they are wild, to an extent. Table dancing is a usual sight at a Red Light District show, but for the guys,
who are in their 30s and 40s, it’s all in good fun.

“Honestly, you know our age. We just want to have a good time,” Brannon said. “It’s a good release for us on the
weekends. It gives us that avenue of adrenaline.”

Reach Tim Malcolm at 425-4242 or

What: Red Light District in concert.
When: 9 p.m. Saturday
Where: Burke's Tavern, 13 hope St., Niantic.
Price: $5.
For more information, visit or - Norwich Bulletin

"The Sound Magazine, Oct 2009"

1) Is there an artist the band prefers to cover?

We prefer artists who have a more upbeat party rock style such as AC/DC, Journey, Nickleback, Kid Rock and other bands that get people moving. Having three lead singers enables us to choose from different genres ranging from classic and party rock to country. To pick one artist would pigeonhole us and we are all about diversity.

2) Who came up with the "Red Light" name for the band?

When the band originally started, we began booking shows without a band name. We used the name "Red Light District" which was a band name previously used by two of our members. That name obviously was taken from the "Red Light District" of Amsterdam. After a lineup change and moving towards more family friendly venues, we dropped the "District" to make the name more palatable to a wider audience. This also helped us build upon our professional reputation. The name "Red Light" works great with our slogans, "When the Red Light shines it's party time", "Stop when you see the Red Light" and "Spend the night with Red Light".

3) How would you describe one of your shows?

Fun, first and foremost. We are all about making every night a rock and roll party. We are a group of guys who love to play. We never skimp on making the show as big as possible. Professional sound, featuring lights and smoke are a trademark of our shows. Everyone needs to feel like they are part of the show. No one is just a spectator. Don't be surprised if you're pulled up on the stage during our shows or asked to sing along. We want everyone to go home having not just heard, but experienced Red Light.

4) You guys have been around for a while, whats been the biggest change in the band since inception?

Direction and attitude. We finally have four guys who mesh both musically and personally. We all agree on song selection and where we want to go as a band. There are no egos or "Rock Star" attitudes. We are an approachable professional party rock band and this is the area we want to continue to grow in.

5) What does the future hold for Red Light? Tour Dates?

Our calendar is already filling up for 2010. New dates are coming in daily. We are excited about playing the "Wolf Den" on November 9th, but we look forward to every club we play and every new friend we make. We just agreed to donate our time to play a "Christmas in July" show to benefit the food banks and feed the hungry. We expect next summer to be bigger and better than ever, expanding into new venues and more of the New England scene.

6) What was the last band you saw and why?

Tom and Scott just saw "KISS" at the Mohegan Sun arena, both huge fans. Marc recently saw Kings X and Porcupine Tree in Boston and Rob last saw Hoobastank and Three Doors Down. We are big music fans, we catch shows when we can, no reason needed. We just love music and respect other players and artists of all genres.

7) Whats the bands highest point been so far?

Our highest point so far has to be the comments and reactions from the people who see us. When a fan tells us we are their favorite local band or to have a club manager stand on a chair to take pictures of our crowds and give us the "thumbs up" is a real thrill. It's never about the room as much as it's about the people who are there to enjoy what we love to do. We feed off their energy.

8) As musicians, who are your biggest music influences and why?

We are very eclectic as a band. All four of us have different musical backgrounds. Marc listens to more progressive music, while Scott is a huge Beatles fan. Rob was your classic metal head with strong christian rock influences while Tom grew up on more theatrical bands of the mid to late 70's. This range of artists and styles is what makes us work. We all bring something different to the table whenever we plug in to play.

9) What do you think of the Connecticut Music Scene today?

CT has many venues and opportunities to play. Considering the economy today it is nice to see such an active live scene. With more new clubs opening this year we are looking forward to playing more places and expanding our base into RI and MA. We hope that everyone continues to support the CT music scene as it is vital to all the local bands, clubs and fans of music.

10) Anything you would like to say to the fans?

Always "Thank You" for your continued support, but we like to think of our fans as friends. We say it all the time and we'll say it again, Red Light is all about good times and good people. Our fans/friends are a testament to that. We couldn't do this without them, they make it all worthwhile.

Derek Signore
Publisher, The Sound Magazine, LLC
203.559.1635 c
203.359.8956 f - Derek Signore, The Sound Magazine LLC


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With a refreshing setlist that covers all the favorites plus more than a few surprises, this is a band that delivers the goods! On the circuit for the past four years, this band is making the noise that you want to hear. Sponsored by Jagermeister! Very popular with the private party and nightclub circuit, Red Light's sets are customized for the venue, be it one of Connecticut's finest casinos, a family-friendly gathering, or the rowdiest biker-bar! Check us out at