Red Light Effect

Red Light Effect

 Pretoria, Gauteng, ZAF

We fun, we funny, we drunk, we loud. Gigs are our forte, and we like to write and play happy music.


Keegan Oxley-Oxland: Drums. Devin Gouws: Guitar. Brent Brooks: Vocals and Guitar. Michael Minnie: Bass.

We were all born in South Africa. Red light Effect started in about 2007 with Michael, Keegan and Brent, then Devin joined soon after. We record a demo (and hated it) but our 1st album (Will be released June 2010) is the sound that we aim for. We write music about the good, the bad, the drunk, the serious, the funny times. If anyone wants to get hold of us for any strange reason, hate mail, curses, telling us that we should all stop, email us at OR Search for us on Facebook!!!


1st 5 track EP
Single; "Infractus" Tucks FM Demo Filter Number 1 for 6 consecutive weeks.

Monkey Music 1st full Length album
*To be released June 2010