Red Light Green

Red Light Green


The time is now, this is the place....this is music. Red Light Green. Big Melodic Rock.


When popular Canadian Indie Band "Looking For Heather" decided to hang up the guitars in late 2005, it was thought by many to be the end of one of music's best-kept secrets. Singer and songwriter Jeff Gutteridge was content that he had written some amazing songs and had played some stellar shows over his band's 10 year - 4 album career...but what would be his next move? Solo? Nah...too cliché...a new project, a band seemed more to his liking, and little did he know he was not alone in that wish.

The phone call came January 2006.

Since the split, Jeff's long time collaborator and the band's Guitarist Randy Solski was filling his time with studio work, producing and playing in some other live acts, but nothing was quite the same as the magic of Looking For Heather. After a frustrating meeting with his current band, Randy decided to give Jeff a call and discuss a future project, one that would reunite the duo and hopefully the passions of music fans around the world.

Fast Forward to April 2006.

Jeff and Randy spent much of early 2006 writing and producing songs for their project. Eager to get the ball rolling a bit faster Jeff booked the band two shows in Toronto Ontario. The mission now was to complete the band and name it. Enter Keith Silver, bassist extraordinaire. Randy had met Keith while doing session work over the years and always admired his style and feel. The call was made and Keith accepted. The final piece of the puzzle would be Drummer Ric Wilson or more commonly known as "Uncle Dik". Ric was a long time friend of Randy's and part time drummer for Looking For Heather; his familiarity is what made him the perfect choice to glue this band together.

With the line up solidified...the name RED LIGHT GREEN would soon be one on the lips of many on Toronto's indie scenesters and music press.

The sound....rock...pure and AC/DC woke up after a night of drinking with Oasis and found a Nickelback CD in their pocket. A perfect mix of old and new, with all the swagger to become one of Rock's biggest bands. The music is real. The people are real…only the names have been changed to protect the "innocent". Hope, Love, Anger and Tragedy all for the world to hear. The feeling you get when you meet the girl of your dreams and the feeling when it all falls apart. Like a car that has lost it's brakes and is determined not to be stopped....the light has changed....RED..............

The time is now, this is the place....this is music.

Red Light Green


Red Light Green - 2006

Set List

As Long As There's A Light
Shots Ring Out
Feel No Pain
Long, Long Road
My Favourite Scar
Over Sexed/Under Loved
Dirty Water
The Truth