Red Light Mind

Red Light Mind

 San Francisco, California, USA

Red Light Mind is a 3 piece band from San Francisco on a mission to revive rock and roll. Jewell King plays the blues guitar like a wild animal backed into the corner of a cage, while Aaron Younce (bass), and Drew Cueva (drums) create a rhythmic mammoth that will rumble your soul. This is revival!


Red Light Mind formed in San Francisco in 2009. They meant to play the blues—three men, three instruments, no gimmicks—but their inspiration quickly evolved to embrace that raunchy spirit of Rock and Roll. Their heavily moody music is driven by and devoted to a Rock and Roll revival, culling from the blues, to tap into the spirit of freedom and rebellion that inspired musicians from Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy to Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. It is this spirit that Red Light Mind admires and infuses into their contemporary and original rock sound.

On November 6th 2009, Red Light Mind released their first record, Jupiter (available on iTunes and Napster), and they are currently working on a second, noir-inspired album, which they expect to release sometime in 2011. They are prolific writers and players, and though always cultivating new songs, perform regularly at multiple venues in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, making it a bold habit to hold absolutely nothing back in an obvious attempt to put their fans on the floor.

In light of this, Drew Cueva’s punk and metal background and his steady, sturdy drumming hold Red Light Mind down on planet Earth, while Aaron Younce’s rumbling and sliding on the bass guitar keep it all very moveable and, well, groovy. At the forefront is Jewell King, a young gun guitar player from Texas, whose melancholic lyrics, snarling, aggressive tone and desire to craft authentically dark American blues birthed the group.

Red Light Mind owes its name to Robert Johnson, whose song “Love in Vain” includes these lyrics: “When the train, it left the station with two lights on behind / Well, the blue light was my blues, and the red light was my mind.” This was pretty psychedelic for 1937, and in the same way, Red Light Mind is particularly stormy and originally intense for the bright and shining 21st century.


Jupiter EP - 2009

Set List

Sailors and Sinners
Dark City Moan
Show Me 'Dem Bones
Dark Heart / Light Soul
Weep Willow Weep
Special Like a .38