Red Light Refugee

Red Light Refugee

 West Bend, Wisconsin, USA

It's a dirty blues, crisp rhymes, beatboxin', smooth jammin' kind of experience that you can't pass up! Red Light Refugee is a local 5-piece band out of West Bend, WI consisting of guitars, bass, drums, beatboxing, and of course vocals. With several musical genres incorporated in RLR's unique sound (rock, reggae, hip-hop, blues, etc.) it's hard to pinpoint an exact style for the group. So come on out and see it for yourself!


Born in the northwoods lakeside of Dundee, WI the band became reclusive and hid away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Band practice consisted of fishing, grilling out and biking mile long trails. The cedar walls that were hung with deer heads, fish mounts and native american bow and arrows still linger the many jams and stories of this band's conception. The group's indescribably unique sound is caused from numerous influences that each member brings to the party! Ranging from Hip-Hop to Blues, from Reggae to Jazz. From James Brown to Van Morrison, to Sublime and Manchester Orchestra. Having played a number of shows, we have finally found our calling. Now in West Bend, WI this band is ready and able to show what they are made of. Kickin' it live from the midwest, we give you, RED LIGHT REFUGEE.

Jared Gamache - Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Klink - Vocals/Guitar
West Hefter - Bass/Production
Harlan Groll - Beatbox/Percussion
Zach Paine - Drum Extraordinaire/Percussion
We Get Loud.


Red Light Refugee EP