From rock to blues, from blues to jazz, RedLine captures it all.


Jess and Kenny Lamb are brother and sister,and some of their earliest memories are of playing music together. Kenny's most influencial icon is Stevie Ray Vaughan, and this blues flavor began to accompany Jess' songwriting. Kenny has been playing the guitar for ten years. Some of Jess' own influences could be derived from the vocals of Mahalia Jackson and Alison Krausse. She has also been influenced by the piano playing ability of Thelonius Monk. Jess has been singing and playing the piano for ten years. Brad Short's drumming varage has been influenced from various genres of music, such as country, jazz, and rock. Brad has been playing for ten years. Ryan Carter picked up his first bass in 1991. His most influencial mentors are Victor Wooten, Alex Jackson, and Tony Smith.
Together, these musicians possess the ability to allow each style to mesh into a unique interpretation - RedLine's own signature sound.



Written By: Jessica Lamb

Vrs 1:

I lift my eyes to heaven once again
through the shadows, I can't see what's ahead
Roaming in a wilderness, of darkness and despair
I feel so alone but someone else is there


In the solitary place, Adonai is calling
His voice echos through the valley, "I'll carry you through - I will restore your joy - reach up for sweet assurance - I am your Refuge - I am your Refuge"

Vrs 2:

He'll confirm your feeble knees
and strengthen weary hands
partched ground shall become a pool, in this dry and weary land
Fear not wayfairing brother, sorrow and sighing shall flee
When God all mighty comes with vengence, you will be redeemed




Refuge (Streaming - Radio Airplay) - Feb. '05
Morning Train (Streaming - Radio Airplay) - Feb. '05
Many Faces (Streaming - Radio Airplay) - Feb. '05
Love Song - (Streaming - Raidio Airplay) Feb. of '05
Wanderer - Released in Feb. of '05
The Potter - Released in Feb. of '05
Crossroads (title track) - Released in Feb. of '05
Bitter Cup - Released in Feb. of '05
Oh My Lord - Released in Feb. of '05
Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Released in Feb. of '05
Bear You Away - Released in Feb. of '05

Set List

Average set consists of 6 songs, for a total of 30 minutes of music per set. We normally do two to three sets per show. We perform origional cuts from our latest CD. We do not do cover songs. On occasion, we do renditions of hymnals or folk songs.