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Red Line

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Red Line is a band with personality. It is a band that entertains, and tries to include the audience in the show. We don't get caught up in ourselves, but rather be part of the party. We want everyone to dance. We play classic rock, country, beach, and some originals.


Collectively, the members of Red Line have almost 100 years experience of live performance. This experience translates into a great understanding as to what the audience wants to hear, and how to keep them engaged. Lead singer Greg Russell has a unique ability to involve the crowd, and his enthusiasm is contagious. There is great rapport among the musicians, and they all have fun, with themselves and the crowd The musicianship is excellent and effortless. Red Line literally plays all genres of rock country and beach. Not many bands have this flexability. This band has played venues ranging from family friendly resorts, Relay For Life events, to biker bars and large country honky tonks. The members have played a variety of styles in other bands. They have participated in metal bands, beach bands, classic rock bands, alternative rock, and even some blue grass inluences. Greg and Mike played together in a rock band back in the '80s, and have played with each other on and off for years, while playing with others as well. Greg could never be still, always playing rock or country somewhere, and Mike played extensively with a beach band. JJ, the baby of the group, grew up in a musical family, and was a prodegy. He was an accomplished musician by his teenage years, and was recruited by Greg early on. JJ also plays in a metal band, which finished second nationally on MTV's battle for Ozzfest. Bill joined Red Line in 2006 as a fill-in bass player, and has been there ever since. He had worked with or known all the guys previously from different projects. Bill was playing rhythm and keyboards in another band when recruited, which he still does time to time.



Written By: Greg Russell


Me and Ricky sittin on top of the bridge,
Hangin on by just barely an inch,
Ricky said boy, are you gonna jump in,
I said yeah, but I was waitin on him.

(semi refrain)
We both were real scared, We both closed our eyes.
Counted to three and jumped into the sky.
Sometimes being brave isn’t something you choose,
Sometimes being brave, depends on who’s standing beside you.

Forty years I been scared of the girls,
Never let one even into my world
Today while I stand here in this church with you,
I hold your hand as you tell me I do.

(semi refrain)
We both are real scared, We both close our eyes,
We count to three and jump into this life.
Sometimes being brave isn’t something you choose,
Sometimes being brave, depends on who’s standing beside you

Lead guitar break

So far from home, so far from my life,
Caught up in a war that I don’t think is right
Sarge says son, are you gonna jump in,
I said yes sir and I’m right beside him

(semi refrain)
We both were real scared, but we held our heads high,
Counted to three and jumped into this fight.
Sometimes being brave isn’t something you choose,
Sometimes being brave, depends on who’s standing beside you.

I’ll be standing beside you
Right here beside you


Currently recording original songs

Set List

We typically play 3 one hour sets but we're very flexible. We have an extensive play list. I will list artists that we cover for the sake of brevity. Rock covers include Bryan Adams, Dire Straits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guns and Roses, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Joe Walsh, Eddie Money, Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, KC and the Sunshine Band, Allman Bros, Georgia Satellites, Tom Petty and Tommy Tutone. Country covers include Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr, Dierks Bentley, Brooks and Dunn, Big and Rich, Charley Daniels, Trent Tomlinson and Garth Brooks, among others. RnB hits covered by The Drifters, The Temptations, The Commodores, and Clarence Carter.