Take the musical stylings and songwriting quality of Pearl Jam, U2, and Bruce Springsteen combined with the catchiness of the Killers and the Strokes and funnel it through 2 acoustic guitars and 2 big personalities and you'll come up with REDLINE.


In the small Canadian town of Kingston, Ontario two university graduates met on their way to becoming high school teachers... Instead they began writing songs. RedLine is the result. With diverse influences such as The Who, Kanye West, U2, Pearl Jam, Michael Penn, and The Kings of Leon, Stephen Direzze and Max Ingrao have crafted a unique sound with primarily 2 acoustic guitars. Utilizing their williness to experiment with sound and instrumentation their acoustic guitars are complimented with organ, piano, e-bow, layered effects, and the occasional drum beat. Their sound is unique to the acoustic genre.


Carry No Stone

Written By: Stephen DiRezze

Where is the time to make amends?
Where is the room we all pretend
Where is the freedom to explore?
Where is love? I want more

Where are the people in the streets,
Waiting for nothing, not moving their feet?
Where are the fathers to take care
Of sons and daughters everywhere?

Oh I tried to hope and
Live a life unopened
Oh I tried, I tried

Where is the need to be alone?
Feel a hand and carry no stone
Where is the sound of singing songs?
No taking pictures of right or wrong

Who has the patience to rebuild?
Take a fortune to give away still
Pass on love to a generation
Without demands or conditions

Oh I tried to hope and
Live a life unopened
Oh I tried to hope and
Live a life unopened
Oh I tried, i tried
Oh I tried, I tried
I tired

Wait by the night
it's already gone
wait for me there
I won't be long
I won't be long

Fonthill (Prodigal Son)

Written By: Max Ingrao/Stephen Direzze

Hometown, not home again
The streets have nothing to say
The houses are familiar
Friends, not friends today
Kickin’ through the shortcut home,
The trees don’t look the same.
I heard them say

It’s gone, the wave I saw… tonight

People change as they stay.
All the colours bleed to grey
Into the ocean, swept away

Thinking back, starlit beach
Vision crash, out of reach
People come, people gone, memories lost, stories done
Skyscraper, hand shaker, people hater… calculator
Black hole, play the role, nobody to console…
The shell I found, trapped the sounds, who has drowned?

It’s gone, the wave I saw… tonight
Prodigal son... in the ocean I ignite
It’s gone, the wave I saw… tonight
Prodigal son... in the ocean I ignite

I heard them say


Written By: Stephen Direzze

Freedom’s little holdout
Over time it should be thought out
Did you have to lie in tens
Could you have looked around the bend
Or stayed at home to hope it all turns out

Meaning should come with foresight
As rain is useless without the light
to follow from the sun
to force the eyes shut
turned within they’ll see that you are

The best map to have is none
Direction, an invention not of freedom
Open your eyes
But don’t be afraid to cry
Now stand up and leave this place behind
It’s OK