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"CD Sampler (Sonic Bids Winner)"

"Knock Me Down"
from Vengeance (Casa Bonita)

The Southern New Jersey based Redliner is a four-piece unit pushing our melodic hard rock that old school and modern metalheads can appreciate. Since their debut in spring 2008, they have been winning over fans throughout the NJ/PA/DE area with diverse, energetic songs and a solid stage show. With influences from multiple artists in the rock, metal and progressive genres, Redliner is reinventing today's hard rock scene.

January 2009 - Metal Edge Magazine

"Redliner (3 Song Demo) Album Review"

New Jersey tends to get a bad rap, but over the years the Garden State has managed to produce a number of successful rock and metal artists. Symphony X, Bruce Springsteen, God Forbid and Bon Jovi are just a few that come to mind. Rough, working-class rock continues to be a positive Jersey export thanks to up-and-coming bands like Redliner, who've recently released a 3-song promo in advance of the January release of their debut album Vengeance.
Taking their cue from tried-and-true '80s hard rock, the guys of Redliner have put together three catchy lil' songs that will get your feet tapping and your fingers noodling those air guitar strings. All of the tracks on the promo are extremely guitar-centric in a Van Halen sort of way (which is a good thing). Dan Chrzan lays down plenty of gritty, melodic riffs that recall the days when songs like "Panama" and "Breaking the Chains" ruled the radio. Not satisfied to rest his laurels on riffs alone, Chrzan consistently fires off some sizzling solos throughout the disc that impress while managing to stay just shy of being pretentious. The rhythm team of Steve Tortu (bass) and Don Valentino (drums) can be heard distinctly in the mix, giving the tracks a good bit of punch and plenty of groove. Behind the mic, Jim Santora has a swaggering, no-frills style that works well with Redliner's honest brand of rock. He doesn't overpower the music and knows his limits - and to stay within them - yet still manages to perform convincingly. "Never Got The Chance", for me the most memorable song on the promo, finds Santora's performance coming together most impressively with Tortu's thumping bass, Chrzan's chunky riffs, and Valentino's spot-on beats.

This promo proves that the guys of Redliner have put together three quality songs, but they're still an emerging band with room for improvement. The transitions seemed a little choppy at times, and occasionally a solo from Chrzan felt out of place, but these are minor gripes that can be corrected easily. I've stopped assigning "stars" to promos since there have been times when the handful of tracks on the promo were the only good things about the album they preceded. That being said, all indications are that Vengeance will be an album that fans of guitar-driven hard rock will want to get their hands on.

- Harvest Moon Music

"Interview with Redliner guitarist Dan Chrzan"

By Isaac Davis Jr., MBA

This next band is going to make you bang your head against the wall with their non apoplectic lyrics, hardcore sound, electrifying guitar playing, and insane in the brain drum set. These are all the things that you have come to expect from any true Heavy Metal band. Well, Guitarist Dan Chrzan of Redliner knows how to get down with the guitar and it shows in his deliverance when he is performing. Add the other members of the group to the mix and you have one of the hardest rocking Metal bands out there in the music industry currently. Check out this recent interview that I had with Dan. Enjoy!

Isaac: How did Redliner get started?

Dan: Back in the summer of 2007, I was looking to get something going and I needed a singer for a start. I found Jim (Santora) online because he was in a band that I knew of. I told him that he would sound better if he sang over my riffs. After I contacted him, we collaborated and created great chemistry. Then we found our drummer Don (Valentino) and bassist Steve (Tortu). Redliner was then born.

Isaac: Where did the name Redliner come from?

Dan: Well, we always record our practices. After one practice, we were listening and noticed that the music was redlining. Not sure who said it but someone suggested Redliner. It then stuck. Funny thing though: we were originally going with the name Redline Infraction because its a hockey term and we all pretty much are big hockey fans, but it's too long of a name.

Isaac: Who is Redliner's primary audience?

Dan: Our audience is varied. People of all ages like us. We have age range of 18 to 80--lol.

Isaac: What distinguishes Redliner from other bands playing in the music industry?

Dan: We actually have guitar solos in our songs and our singer sings and not screams or growls. The musicianship is tight because everyone knows music theory, which is rare with today's bands.

Isaac: What has been the most challenging aspect of building this band?

Dan: Having everyone on the same page as far as direction of the band and achieving the same goals.

Isaac: How do you get booking agents to pay attention to your band, among all the competition?

Dan: Promote to the max. Getting our name all over the web. Our singer Jim does an awesome job of that so kudos to him!

Isaac: let's talk about you as the guitarist for the band. What is your personal background with how you got your start playing the guitar?

Dan: I started listening to music at the age of 6 when I first heard "Get Back" by the Beatles. From that point, I was hooked on rock and roll music. I started playing guitar at the age of 11, took lessons for a while just to get basic theory and chords but quit after a year. Eddie Van Halen said it is way better to learn on your own as opposed to going by the book so I took his advice--lol.

Isaac: What are the major frustrations you have faced as an artist?

Dan: Well, I played with some great and some crap musicians but most of them are not serious about really making a name. They wanted the glory but were too lazy to work for it. So, one of my biggest regrets is wasting my time with those guys. I'm glad I'm in this band with these guys.

Isaac: Which are your favorite local venues to play and what makes them attractive to you?

Dan: Bank Shots in Stanton, Delaware because it's out of state and we got a great reception playing there--might have been our best show this year. The people are great and really understand and appreciate original rock and roll. We also did a show in Philly at place called Joker's which is no longer there but it was a great show! The sound system was incredible and the stage was huge--good vibes too!!

Isaac: Are there places you haven't played that you would like to play?

Dan: The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey because it is Jersey's premier club. Everyone from Dokken to Disturbed to Lindsay Buckingham has played there. It would be incredible to land a gig there opening for a national because they get major radio promotion there and it can only help the band name.

Isaac: Who has been some of the great guitarists that have influenced you as the guitarist of Redliner Rock?

Dan: My favorite guitarists include: Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads(Ozzy), Carlos Cavazo(Quiet Riot), David Gilmour(Pink Floyd), BB King, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Pete Townsend, and of course: Jimi Hendrix. I can go on and on but these guys are major influences.

Isaac: What are you hopes for you and the band for 2009?

Dan: To get exposed anyway we can as well as radio airplay worldwide. Also, we would like to branch out as far as playing shows. We would like to play as far away as we can. If that means getting on a plane and playing a festival in California, we'll do it.

Isaac: Give some well- deserved Shout outs...

Dan: Shout outs go out to my wife, my parents and extended family, my band and their families, Ray from Nottingham Pizza(the subs are awesome, Bro!), my friend Andy, Katie and Mike Patrick, Leroy(band photographer), Wayne(our recording engineer), J from Mean Venus, and all the bands we shared the stage with(too many to mention).

Isaac: Final thoughts.....

Dan: First off, thank you for this interview. It's really appreciated. Keep an eye out for Redliner--2009 is going to be a big year for us and that starts in late January when our cd "Vengeance" is released. After that, you'll be hearing a lot about us. Most importantly, thank you for this interview. It's really appreciated. You can also check us out at

Official Website

Special Thanks to Jim Santora - Redliner

- JC Internet Indie Radio

"Bands Rock Out In SPCA Petfest"

January 12, 2009

Bands rock out in SPCA Petfest

Staff Writer

BRIDGETON -- After seven rock bands, seven hours of music and a couple broken drumsticks, the inaugural Petfest 2009 was considered a success.

It took one local woman's eye-opening trip to the Cumberland County SPCA shelter in Vineland to get the amps crackling with power.

"We just adopted three cats in October, and to go down there and see all the full cages -- I burst into tears," said Paula Krasover of Vineland. "I wanted to adopt them all. That experience influenced all this."

Krasover manages the Vineland-based group Static Addiction, one of the seven bands that rocked Bridgewater Pub on Saturday night. That visit she made with her husband to the Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals touched her so much that, within weeks, she and bass-wielding friend Lois Dallett began planning the rock benefit to help the shelter.

"I'm an animal lover at heart," Krasover said. "Hopefully we inspire someone to adopt a pet tonight."

Organizers encouraged donations of pet items such as toys, food and litter, and promised 100 percent of proceeds from a $5 cover charge would go directly to the county SPCA. They raised more than $400 and a van full of pet supplies.

"This is a different type of venue for us -- a rock concert," said SPCA employee Lauren Fogle of Bridgeton, who was on hand for the event. "It's fantastic that people from all walks of life are willing to help out. Many, many thanks to Paula for organizing this."

Fogle said the show couldn't have come at a better time. "We see lots of adoptions over the holiday season, but it drops off in the months after," she said. "To make matters worse, we see an increase in the amount of pets dropped off to us."

Cats and dogs aren't the only ones the show helped out, Krasover said.

"The bands benefit by the exposure," she said. "More people get to hear their music and they're able to get their names out."

Static Addiction and fellow Vineland-based band Bound By Nothing joined Quicksand Juggernaut of Phoenixville, Pa., Without Logic of Newark, Del., Redliner of Maple Shade, The Flyswatters of Ocean City, and Adams Wilson. All the acts donated their musical talents to the cause.

Bass player Jason Rugel provides rhythm to what he classifies as all-original American rock in the Woodstown-based band Adams Wilson, which opened the night. "People seemed to be into it," Rugel said. "Anytime people listening have a good time, we have a good time. We're glad to be supporting the SPCA. Every little bit helps."

Additional Facts

For information on the Cumberland County SPCA:

Call (856) 691-1500.

Visit the shelter at 1244 N. Delsea Drive, Vineland.

Go online to
- Daily Journal

"Bands Rock Out In SPCA Petfest (Photo Caption)"

Members of the Maple Shade-based band Redliner, singer Jim Santora (left) and bass player Steve Tortu, rock out on stage at the first-ever Petfest 2009 held at the Bridgewater Pub in Bridgeton to benefit the Cumberland County SPCA. (Staff photo/Cody Glenn)

- Daily Journal


Redliner - 3 Song Demo (September 2008)

Redliner - Vengeance (February 24, 2009) - Radio airplay on over 35 terresterial and internet radio stations across the country



From Southern New Jersey comes Redliner, a band looking to redefine melodic hard rock in the Tri-State Area. Each member of Redliner brings his unique styles to this band and a no-nonsense approach to songwriting.

Founded in the summer of 2007 by guitarist Dan Chrzan (Crystal Synn, Mikell’s Plot) and vocalist Jim Santora (77LeSabre), the duo spent months molding what would become the Redliner sound. In the winter of 2008, drummer Don Valentino and bassist Steve Tortu entered the fold and provided the backbeat for Redliner’s life soundtrack.

The band released their first full length CD titled Vengeance in January 2009. Recording was done by Wayne Earls of WNE Recording out of Deptford NJ. The material is being mastered by Wayne Davis of The Sound Station (who has done work with Breaking Benjamin, Ill Nino, Dropping Daylight and Philadelphia’s Noosphere). .

With the release of “Vengeance”, the band gained some exposure from the press and radio, including Metal Edge Magazine saying that Redliner was “reinventing modern hard rock”. The band released two singles, “Knock Me Down” and “Damaged Girl” which received airplay on over 35 radio stations and speciality programs including WYSP (Philadelphia), WSTW (Wilmington DE), WZBH (Georgetown DE), WZZO (Allentown PA), WLFR (Atlantic City NJ), and internet stations and programs like Maximum Threshold, Hot Rocks Radio and Sound Machine to name a few. .

Redliner also has had the opportunity to perform at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, Six Flags in Jackson NJ, 2009’s Jamfest 3 in Jackson NJ as well as performing with the band Suicide City at the Cherrywood in Clementon NJ. .

In April of 2009, Chrzan decided to leave the band to pursue other interests. Redliner asked guitarist Kurt Dillon (77LeSabre, Axiom Rox, Eyes Of Disarray) to fill in the spot and the band has been moving forward ever since. .

Redliner recently recorded a live CD/DVD at Blue Light Digital Studios in Mount Holly NJ which will be available soon. The disc includes new material as well as songs from the “Vengeance” CD. The band is still writing material for a follow up to Vengeance in 2010. Also in 2010, the band plans to embark on some mini-tours to some of the areas they have reached with their radio play in the last year. .