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Founding members Steve and John have walked the long road that has lead to the formation of the funkdafied/rock entity known as Redline Rose. The duo has been jamming for nearly two years in pursuit of creating an original high energy funked up rock band. Initially the line up included Steve’s long time friend Nick on drums, the two met John through an article he posted in City Beat (a local alternative newspaper). Seeing that all three shared similar influences the band was on it way to perfect harmony.

“They saw my ad and I met up with them and we started jamming and things clicked pretty much right off the bat”.

In their quest for locating a singer they soon discovered finding this fourth component was not going to come as easily as reading the news paper.

“Trying to find a singer that had the same passion and dedication for the music we were
creating was not an easy task” states John. “The singers were always a mismatch of
factors; they had talent but had no drive or were super into it, but just did not know how to
sing. It’s kinda hard being a band for a year and a half and never really having a
permanent singer. But I knew that what we were creating was worth sticking it out for.”

Redline Rose went through doses of tryouts for singers, prior to finding Kyle English, who as it turns out found them. Kyle was solo acoustic artist that had gig around Ohio University and Cincinnati working with various musicians.

“I had worked with so many musicians over the years. Most had talent but no drive and
too many had egos. A lot of people talk about how they want to make music for a living taking it to the professional level but when it becomes work then they don’t have time for it or it’s too hard. I was searching the classifieds on My Space for people to work with and saw an add for a singer. I did much care what type of music it was because I was tired of
working on trying to form a band. I said shit what would it be like to be in a rock band
that’s already together, to just put down the guitar and front a band. They tried me out
and we had our first gig three weeks later. The thing that amazed me most about this band is their passion for the music. They understand the dedication it takes and live for it.”

Kyle brought the right mix of vocal chops, witty lyrics and stage presence required of a front man…

“Which is key since we are a high energy band” states John.

Since then Redline Rose has not looked back.

Over the course of the nearly two-year journey Redline Rose has also split ways with their original drummer Nick and picked up Dave, their theatrical brother in arms, who happened to be in Cincinnati working as an intern at Playhouse In The Park. Unfortunately for Redline Rose the journey for a complete line up is not finished. Dave is set to embark on another path as an actor and will move to New York City on completion of his Masters of Fine Arts from OU. John remains positive through all of the changes even through Dave’s departure is rapidly approaching…

“He’ll be with us until June. We’re currently in the process of finding someone with the same passion and energy to make us a complete entity again. We can’t wait till we can continue to take our show around the city and through the states and see what type of energy we can create and be apart of!’