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"I dig it!"

"De Pinche Nada is not only remarkably diverse, but it is also a powerful record. From the unabashed confidence of Superwoman to the ominous mystique of Firecracker, Red Lotus blend a myriad of backgrounds and genres into one incredibly compelling vision. Unmerciful stands out as possibly the most accessible track, with its delightfully bipolar dynamic and unforgettable chorus. This is certainly a promising record from what seems to be a very promising band--I dig it!"

--Ryan Hoffer, Shut Eye Records & Agency - Ryan Hoffer, Shut Eye Records

"Red Lotus"

Red Lotus - De Pinche Nada
Old Negro Spirituals Music
By O.B.
We have all heard about white female singers with soulful voices that sound black, like Fiona Apple, but how often do you hear a black female sound white and have it sound great while retaining that soul? Look out Alanis Morrisette. Watch your back Evan Essence, there is a new female-fronted band out there and not only is she black, but so are the rest of the members.

If I could sum up Red Lotus, it would be something like Living Colour with Janis Joplin adding her own style of soul. Rozz Nash brings an element female rock has been lacking… the ability to belt. Not only does she have a fabulous range and a sassy edge to her, but she can also whisper like Jewel and wail like Mariah Carey.

De Pinche Nada, or in English, So Fucking What? is a five song release that will leave you itching for more like an addict and his needle. The melody represented in the third song,”I'll Be There”, is simply timeless. The song “Unmerciful” will grab you, as it has vibes and emotions the coldest of folks would succumb to. Go to and check De Pinche Nada out.

Taking the torch from a tradition of Black rockers like Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravits, the future burns bright. The songs “Superwoman” and “Firecracker” exemplifies the explosive nature this band possesses.

Run out and snag their debut release, for this will not be one of those bands you find in the pawnshops across the country. Red Lotus is the real deal and will leave you feeling good that straight forward, in your face rock is still alive and kicking!

- O.B.

"This band rocks!"

This band ROCKS!! Straight ahead groovin rock. Rozz’s sultry yet powerful vocals set them apart. Jean-Marx's raw guitar riffs pull the listener in. Aalics on bass & Gavin on drums complete the talented quartet. They bring energy, solid musicianship and good material to the table. This band manages to incorporate influences of those that came before while reinvigorating the sound into something fresh. Their own press kit calls their sound “A new era of Black Rock in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix, Living Colour & Lenny Kravitz" and labels their style “sexy heavy rock”. Black, white, purple or green - I couldn’t agree more. Red Lotus is the shot of adrenaline that rock n roll needs today. Do yourself a favor and check out their debut release 'De Pinche Nada,' with tracks like "Superwoman," "Running" and "Firecracker" you‘ll be glad you did - Amanda Blue

"Future in Rock... For Sure"

a Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I don't think I was properly prepared for what Red Lotus had in store for me. I was pretty blown away at first listen.

I'm not usually a fan of hard rock music, but if I was going to listen to some, this is the band I would pick. Without a doubt.

Rozz Nash's lead voice is a powerhouse. When she sings, "I'm Superwoman!" you say, "yes, you are!"

On "I'll Be Here" she shows you that her voice has a range of styles. Here you can hear the honest quality of her voice.

The rest of the band is equally strong. These are all fantastic musicians who sound great together.

The songs are well written and memorable.

Unfortunately, this is a short EP, but worth getting. Red Lotus has a future in rock for sure - Amy Lotsberg, Producer of Collected Sounds

"What's the 411"

What’s the 4-1-1?
The New York based rockers let the world in on their brand of what they call “sexy heavy rock” with this 5-song collection of soulful, yet powerful rock and roll.

Rock / hard rock

The Good
When the album first begins, you’ve got a really crushing rock intro and then all of a sudden you find yourself listening to this really sweet and soulful soft vocal from singer Rozz Nash. I’ll be the first to admit that I initially heard that vocal take and though to myself, oh this is going to be a painful listen. However, while she certainly has an admirable softer side, wait until she kicks into high gear with the powerful rock vocal. I was blown away. She’s got quite the set of pipes.
The instrumentation on this 25 minute long CD is also top notch. You’ve got a rock solid foundation with the rhythm section and a guitarist in Jean-Marx Santel, who powers the songs with a collection of riffs that really make you pay attention. While I enjoyed each of the 5 songs, the one that stands out the most is “Superwoman.”

The Bad
The album cover says the title is De Pinche Nada. The promo material calls it De Piche Nada. I’d think someone would’ve been able to determine which title is actually correct.

The Verdict
In advance of writing this review, I posted a link to the band’s Myspace page on a message board I take part in. One of my fellow music fans checked it out and responded with the comment that they were amazing. I’d tend to agree.
I really had no idea what to expect from the band. I’ll admit to having the CD in my “to review” pile for a while, but I’m very glad that I finally got around to listening to it. The four black rock musicians take their individual talents and influences and combine them into a really winning mixture that just begs to be heard by a larger audience. This is certainly one of the best debut albums I’m likely to hear this year.

Did You Know?
The publishing company for the band’s songs is called Old Negro Spirituals Music.
You can hear three songs from the album on the band’s MySpace page.

Rating: out of 5

-- Jay Roberts

- Jay Roberts

"Bold as Love review of "Firecracker"

What can I say? This is the song that made me want to see this band fully plugged in, and I've been trying to do so for nearly two years. Guess I just had to book them for a show in order to make that happen.

Pipes? Chops? Vibe? Plenty on all counts. This is one of those joints where you put your head down and get your nod on. Enjoy! - Rob Fields, editor of Bold as Love

"Red Lotus"

Unique and exhilarating...a stage show built to knock you off of your feet & keep you guessing. New York Citys new Hip Rock - The Sad Cafe' Music Theatre

"You heard it here first"

The new sound of Ambient Soul Rock. - Jimi Hazel (24/7 Spyz)


*"De Pinche Nada,"* released in December of 2005, currently receives regular airplay on XM radio's "Futures List," and XM Radio's unsigned hype. As well as several Chearchannel stations in mid and major markets. Most played songs "Superwoman,"#4 most requested and played. "Running'" #5 most requested and played. Make Way"* e.p. was released in 2003 and is in limited print. Currently recording the follow up to "De Pinche Nada."



Based out of New York City, RED LOTUS is the new "Colored Rock." RED LOTUS brings colors and a melodic schema to the soundscape one minute and seconds later comes hard and relentless with crushing rock riffs and sick heavy grooves. Fused with heady lyrics and ridiculously powerful vocals, its an experience that leaves an audience stunned and wondering "Who is the band?." Its something you've never heard before and leaves you wanting more! "This band is going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread."- Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Mos Def)