Red Measure

Red Measure

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Cavernous, beat-centric rock music.

"Syrupy grungish-rock at its best. It has a steady rhythm that’s deliberate and seductive, peppered at just the right moment by feedback, or a spaced-out guitar. It has that trance-inducing constancy that goes right to the root of rock n’ roll." ~ Devon Jackson


Nashville-based, three-piece band Red Measure produces brooding, cavernous, beat-centric rock music that explodes with life’s fierce and endless struggle. Candidly exploring a range of universally-significant themes, such as self discovery, the continuing quest to find meaning in life and death and redemption for human transgressions, founding member Randall Suarez’s honest, gritty voice and strikingly-minimalistic, aggressive guitar passages vibrate alongside a steady, primal drum and bass foundation. Red Measure’s evolution continues to reveal a palette of varied influences filtered through their stripped back dark sound.

Suarez has always immersed himself in music, particularly transfixed by musicians who were able to skillfully connect melody and rhythm to raw emotion. Raised surrounded by ‘60s rock, he was profoundly moved by the weighty sadness of The Left Banke’s “Walk Away Renee” and was compelled to begin studying guitar and avidly fine tune his technical proficiency and songwriting skills. Throughout his teens, he composed a series of gritty purely-instrumental guitar pieces and eventually added poetry and textured drum and bass layers in order to create cathartic, complex songs that delve into the strange darkness of life’s shadows and become an outlet for intense, personal words. Suarez founded Red Measure in 2009, ever devoted to unleashing eloquent truths through riveting live performances and meticulously-crafted recordings that resonate in audiences’ souls forever.


Red Measure - No One's Face EP
Release Date: Dec 11, 2012
Format: Digital and CD

Red Measure - Seven Inch EP
Released: Sept 20, 2011
Format: Digital, CD, 7" Vinyl

Where to hear:

• BlackCollarRadio (Philadelphia, PA)

• Tranquilizer Radio

• Celtica Radio

• Indie Castle Radio

•Suckfree Radio (Austin, TX)

• Musports Radio