Red Meditation

Red Meditation


Red Meditation is a roots reggae band with a spirtual message and uplifting sound. Created by Sister Molly Rose and Ras Popo with a strong vibe to send a message out to the world of peace and unity.


Red Meditation was started in the year 2000 when Sister Molly Rose joined with Ras Popo, Brasilian roots singer. The two styles join forces and sent music all over Brasil and California. Sister Molly Rose has been singing since her youth, raised in a musical family and has sung throughout the USA, Hawaii, and Brasil. She is continually inspired by Jah and her music reflects a positive vibration and a conscious message of a spitruality, struggle and awarness which is heard in her lyrics. Linking in Brasil with other singer/songwritter Ras Popo the band Red meditation was formed and backs both Sister Molly Rose and Ras Popo for 7 years. Ras Popo born in Bahia, Brasil has been involved in reggae music and Rasta culture since a young age. He is inspired by the message of Marcus Garvey and Africa in all his music. Ras Popo resonates a one love vibe on stage and a sense of unity amongst all people. Both singers are influenced by Burning Spear, Don Carlos, Sizzla, Luciano, Sister Carol, St. Croix roots and many more. The band Red Meditation is a group of musicians that uplift crowds world wide.


Jah Music- Sister Molly Rose 2002
Rasta Revoultion- Ras Popo 2003
A New Dawn-Sister Molly Rose-2006
Rasta e Luz- RAs Popo -2006

There are many tracks that are played throughout California and Brasil. A New Dawn and Rasta e Luz were recorded by Black Lion Sounds in Santa Cruz, california. The c.d. can also be purchased and heard online at

Set List

The set is a 1 hour and a half to 2 hours if possible, with 8-10 songs from each singer, Sister Molly Rose and Ras Popo. The songs played are mainly from the latest c.d.´s with the old c.d´s favorites as well as new works. The band is willing to work shorter sets depending on the situation of the show.