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2004- Red Orange Morning-full length
2006- ROM 4-song EP
2008- ROM 3-song EP



“When I can turn the night into eternal silence / I will be yours and you’ll be mine and we’ll be smiling…” sings Ryan Hampton over a shuffling beat and catchy rhythm in a song he wrote called Anymore.

In 2005, Hampton moved from a small town in South Jersey and ventured to Brooklyn, NY where he fronts one half of his two-piece band known as Red Orange Morning. After leaving his job and ambitions to pursue a life in academia, he and his bandmate Cyndi Ramirez set their sights on a sound so unique, yet so familiar, that there isn’t really a single band you can pin them to. “It’s such a hard thing to do, anyway, to describe your own music or compare it to something else,” says Hampton. “But it’s there for anybody to hear, so maybe we don’t really need to describe it. Hopefully, everybody will hear it and decide for themselves what it is.”

However, the origin of the band’s name can be explained more easily. “It came from a song that I remembered from a dream,” Ramirez recalls, referring to The Woman Lies from their first, self-titled recording. “It was sort of the first song we worked on together for this project, so it seemed fitting to use some aspect of it for our name.” The two decided that the feeling and colors of a “red-orange morning” were somehow indicative of the band since their music is marked by lush vocal harmonies and blends the genres of indie-pop, folk, and straight-out rock ‘n roll.

The duo has a strikingly big sound despite their simplistic set-up. During their live shows, Hampton switches between acoustic and an electric guitar while Ramirez moves whimsically from keyboards to a melodica. Their voices, perhaps the key element to their sound, are as distinctive together as they are standing alone. Overall, the music is moody, sad, angry, upbeat, pretty and intense, and the end result is a rhythmic and melodic collage that blurs the line of what usually separates the singer-songwriter from the full band aesthetic. But the real beauty of Red Orange Morning is the honesty and heartfelt emotion that comes through in each song.
The passion and intensity of these two artists breathes through in their music giving their songs new colors and textures for the duo to explore. Songs like Deconstruction, Instantaneous and Uneven from the band’s first self-titled album will resonate in the soul of any first-time listener.

Although based in Brooklyn, Red Orange Morning maintains a strong presence in the Philadelphia area (where their song The Woman Lies has been a part of WXPN’s regular rotation). Even through their earlier and current personal sacrifices, Hampton and Ramirez keep hard at work performing and recording, sometimes with a back-up band. Their latest three song EP, simply titled “3,” was recorded by Patrick McCay with Don Ocava on drums and Sam Smith on bass, and features the band’s single Love x’s 3.

“The best thing about our working relationship is the differences that we bring to each song,” says Hampton. “I might think of a song in a particular way, but Cyndi might hear it in an entirely different way and bring something to it that I would never have considered.”

“And when the day gives us a sun that we can follow / Then we’ll lay down and we’ll become each other’s shadow…” sings Cyndi in verse 2 of Anymore.

“We really thrive on each other’s inspiration and musical energy,” Cyndi adds, ”so in a lot of ways, I feel like Ryan and I have to be like each other’s ‘shadows’, keeping each other focused and the music and ideas moving.”

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