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Her name is Clarissa "Red Phoenix" Henderson born and raised in Houston Texas. She infused me with passion, fear , excitement, hope and fulfillment all in one person. She is the total package we complete each other in that I am the words she needs to say and she is the actor main character every true writer is

From the first moment there wasn't a task I could give her that she could not accomplish. She thirsted for someone to challenge her intellect, her essence, to guide her in a direction she never would have considered and I was able to do that for her. I asked her to be a rapper and at first she said, "I'm no rapper", and I replied to her "...I want you show your mind to everyone" and we never looked back. We have a respect and admiration for each other that transcends time and distance and thou we have never met face to face, her persona, her aura made me invest everything I have in her and rest my hopes and dreams in one who soon will be the most influential performer the world has ever known.

In this project, I have as "Red" would say," cut my wrist", to make sure she has the most cutting edge material, but not material just to awe at, no material where it will inspire conversation and healing. Material where it will make people feel good about themselves and take the lonely out of their existence. Material where it would reveal the purity of truth in everyone on some level and refocus attention not on their inability to pay bills, but on what it is like to be human. In order to write this project I had to learn this women from the inside out and go beyond her physical to get to the core being and that person is a being of unimaginable beauty and an infinitely bigger heart. She has so much caring and love to give she doesn't fully realize her potential but she up for any challenge.

The projected sales of this project is 30 million official units and unofficial about 45 million. The reason I can predict these numbers is because as a female or person in general, no one is as strong as she is as a person, in the craft of being a human being. She represents 70% of women in America and about 85% of women worldwide. She is a BBW, Big Beauty Woman. One who is like everyone else around you. She represents women who feel oppressed by the billions spent yearly to make women feel inadequate. She is the one that is strong and saying I will not take this anymore, I am beautiful regardless of what the media says and anyone and everyone does count no matter of their personal financial status. What is so dynamic about her is that she has a confidence that is so strong but natural. A confidence that is not cocky but you either accept her or get trampled by her. But with all of her strength she has the heart and caring of a nation, and she cares about the little things and people who don't have as much as others. She shares everything she has and is inviting the world into her home for some real food, drink and great conversation.

She will touch everyone within the sound of her voice and is poised to do whatever it takes with out degrading herself to get it done. Her life is an open book, open to review scrutinize, and awe. The strength of a good woman is displayed in full on this project but also the weakness of that same woman. Not in a hateful way but in a self-examining way where one would question your own actions. And thru all her trials and tribulation she holds her head high with the class and sophistication of a learned women who relates to everyone on their own level. She is also one of the few women that have mastered the game of chess. She is intelligent and beautiful a combination that is all to often overlooked by us males.

There have only been 3 other female artist to memory that have ever come near these numbers and that is Sinead O'Connor, Shaina Twain and Alanis Morrisette and that is because these projects have appealed to the issues concerning people as a whole the human element. A raw honesty that is rarely seen with such a talented performed. She commands your attention and delivers a performance that is unparalleled in any genre of music and just knowing that I had something to do with it is a source of great joy.

I feel privileged to know her and have convinced others that work with me to put their all into her project. We have completed graphics for all albums, names of each, websites (in development), logos, marketing and promotional plans for each and even producers for each song and cost of recoding.

What I would like from you is the privilege to introduce you to the next international superstar and to make your 3rd generation their millions because she is one not to be indecisive about.

All will love her but not all will be able to share in the windfall so take advantage of this rare opportunity to invest in a new institution.