Red Queen Theory
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Red Queen Theory

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Metal Gothic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"EP review"

I don't usually write a lot of reviews, but this band is a bit diverse from others so I would try to describe it.

Ok, the album cover is one of the worst ever seen in the metal scene... but this is the only bad thing I've found in this EP.

First of all the genre... yes, it's a bit difficult to describe... we can call it alternative-gotic-rock-metal with the influences of experimental and avant-gard music. Not an ordinary band.

The female singer has a very particular timbre of voice, some refrains are very well chosen, and the production for a band on the first work is excellent... now I wait their first full length album. - Lord Tyr

"Thursday, Feb. 17: Red Queen Theory@Hell's Kitchen"

Red Queen Theory takes its name from a hopelessly complex evolutionary hypothesis that finds its inspiration in the Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass - the queen who had to run as fast as she could just to stay in the same place. To get anywhere, she said, you'd have to run twice as fast. Surprisingly, Red Queen Theory (the band) does manage to live up to the esotericism and pomposity of its namesake. Taking cues from Middle Eastern and New Age music, Red Queen Theory have fashioned a supremely theatrical Goth-metal that teeters perilously on this side of pretension, but succeeds because of its restlessly worming guitar and evocative lead vocals. This is a band that never feels comfortable merely resting on the laurels of its concept. - Rev. Adam McKinney

"Red Queen Theory"

This band has a very unique sound that, personally, we would say might be considered to be progressive goth rock or a form of goth new wave. Despite, the uncertainty or the range of genres that the band might sound like one aspect stands out, the musicality of the members is what makes this band different from the bands mentioned above. Although Elizabeth's vocals (lead singer) are a feature that immediately captures your attention, the melancholy and dreamy tones, the musicians in general are combing different musical elements and instruments to make a rather distinctive and original sound to their music. - Evolution Rock


Red Queen Theory (EP) - 2011



“A perfect blend of the macabre and beauty. A true gem for any serious music fan” – says one radio host of the music by Red Queen Theory. Founded in 2008 by bassist Dean Forsyth and lead vocalist Liz Tseng, the song themes range from the epic to the mundane, but whether it’s singing about crusaders drinking in a bar, a space odyssey involving demons and cats, or just plain good old l’amour, the constant elements are always there: catchy melodies – often built on middle eastern sounds – expressed through evocative vocals, intense drums, and restlessly worming guitar riffs. The result is a sound that is instantly captivating.

Even before their first stage appearance, the homemade demo songs have been played on various online radio stations, received an invitation to play at the most haunted castle in Ireland, and earned a one-hour podcast entirely attributed to the band, in which the show host describes the band as a “goth new wave”. It was also pointed out that the distinctiveness of the band was due to not only successful songwriting, but also solid musicianship. Lead vocalist Liz Tseng carries a unique voice that blends the elegance of classical opera with the ferocity of modern rock. Classically-trained pianist Jenny Chung adds backing vocals and keyboard harmonies to enrich the soundscape. Guitarist Abel Ames, bassist David Ames, and drummer Simon Hilsman are Seattle music scene veterans who know how to grow a blooming sound garden when given a tiny seed.

The band plays live shows regularly in the Seattle/Tacoma area at venues such as Club Motor, Hell’s Kitchen, and Fuel. The band’s first song (“Rainy Day Eve”) was featured on Project X, an Australian compilation album created to raise money and awareness for victims of personality disorders. RQT’s self-titled EP, Red Queen Theory, was released on Apr 1st, 2011.