Red Racer

Red Racer


Red Racer is "Dark Pop." Think fun beats mixed with minor chords and poppy melodies. Songs start spacey and intense and build to big catchy Choruses. Songs about Bonnie and Clyde, Hookers and Escaping to Jamaica.


The Story So Far..........
Above a dark, seedy DC dive bar, RED RACER has built its own brand of pop-addicted Rock and Roll. The DC quartet’s newly released EP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, finally lets loose the songs born from this obsession with catchy music. Living Hell, a U2-meets-Oasis romp that climaxes with a blistering guitar solo, contrasts starkly with a song like The Biz, with its boppy, light verses and driving, dirty refrain. But the theme remains: Whether it’s Fernando’s britpop guitar tricks, Brad Roberson’s 80’s Top 40 Beat Library, or Steve Ridzon’s genre-hopping bass pulses, every piece of the puzzle builds to the “Big Pop Chorus,” delivered by the unusual voice of frontman Tom Townshend.


Red Racer (2008) - Self-titled full length
Wake Up, Wake Up (2005)
EP1 (2002)
Skyline Drive (2001)

Set List

Generally our sets are 45 minutes. We have 90 minutes of total band material and can play 2 hrs with a 30 minute Acoustic set.