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"Words from CMJ.com"

"With a barrage of pedals ready for tweaking front and center, I was ready for something noisy, but pleasantly surprised when the band broke into some of the catchiest pop tunes I've heard from a band in a while that still managed to rock the fuck out. It seems that's just how things are trending these days." - Jason Glastetter, CMJ

http://www.cmj.com/relay/?p=1510 - Jason Glastetter

"Flattering Comparsions"

"If you ever wake up in a dank basement, half-drunk and covered in sweat, there's a good chance you were at a Red Rocket show. Disorienting, indeed, but not nearly as difficult as trying to pigeonhole this local group's sound. A song will start out like an old Botch tune, then the chorus comes riding in on a bouncy Moving Units bassline, which is immediately followed by a Fugazi-fueled bridge. By the end you're floating off into outer space with the likes of Isis and Red Sparowes." - Jean Luc Renault, Philadelphia Weekly - Philadelphia Weekly

"a crit of the Rocket's thing"

"The five guys in West Philly's Red Rocket clearly do whatever they want, whether that means playing inexplicable music, booking shows at their residential venue Danger! Danger!, or putting out CDs on their Starpower City label... Red Rocket mixes dreamy hardcore with hippie jazz. It's hard to imagine their sound if you've never heard them and hard to follow even if you have, but it's not hard to listen to. Don't worry if you're not feeling them at any given moment .. they'll move on soon enough. "Clear the Fence," from their new mini-album Folktales, opens with nervous guitar and quiet, nasal vocals and ends after a sunny, chanty jam, but in the four intervening minutes, it gets spooky, surfy, spacey and screamy. Steer clear if you're not ready for a wild ride." - M.J. Fine, Philadelphia City Paper - Philadelphia City Paper

"ultra-kind wrdz"

"Red Rocket's live show is a force to be reckoned with. Jumping effortlessly from churning guitar-driven rock to jangly post-punk pop exuberance, their respectable do-it-yourself ethos and unique blend of intstrumental noise with melodic danceability is truly remarkable.

Every skewed guitar chord and driving, crackling drum beat forces even the hippest of hipsters to at least nod their head in time with the music, if not dance around like an idiot, unaware, if even for an instant, of their surroundings and the -gasp!- opinions of others. Red Rocket's sound is, perhaps, reminiscent of the crop of great Dischord bands from the late-80's to mid-90's (Fugazi, Shudder to Think, et. al.) and 'Solid Gold'-era Gang of Four, yet throw Minutemen-style funk and splashes of metal into the mix, courtesy of a powerful and relentless rhythm section, giving them a sound that is unique and refreshing.

Throughout their set, Roman is the consummate frontman, bleeding passion and energy into the microphone. "Who said I can't say what I said?!," he pleads with the audience on "Who Said," a tune from their new album, 'Folktales,' on Starpower City, and nobody is saying he can't say anything this night; they're screaming for Red Rocket to say more.

Red Rocket have a bracing stage presence, yet it's easy to see that there is a true connection with the audience. They're "nice guys," who, while obviously passionate about their music, are easy to identify and connect with. There is no rock star posturing, or worse, snotty indie rock star anti-posturing, here. Red Rocket are real folks playing songs with real energy and real emotion.

Expect big things from these gentlemen in the prefuture."

-Z Radio - Z Radio


-Folktales - full length - Starpower City Records / Tonearm Records (2006)

-Radical Honesty II - live split w/ Red Rocket and Perfection!sts - Badmaster Records (2005)

-Danger! Danger! Compilation - various artists - OUT OF PRINT and completely SOLD OUT (2006)



Since 2004, RED ROCKET has been revolutionizing the West Philly underground. Not since Ziggy Stardust and Kill Yr Idols have songs
been written with such enigmatic beauty and screaming noise. On their recent album "Folktales," RED ROCKET shatters all stereotypes by pushing forward a sound so diverse and innovative that it turns the heads of even the most particular music critics. Combining a forceful rhythm section with delicate melodies and power
electronics, RED ROCKET produces the music of tomorrow, full of experimental enchantment and raw, savage thrash. They have created a brand new sound that has never been heard before and could never be
re-created again. They dynamize, galvanize and jolt audiences with their unparalleled, kick-ass live show – even sending a New York college kid into spasms and seizures! RED ROCKET has been touring into
eternity since joining Tonearm Records (Man Man/ Plastic Little) in late 2006. They have also been throwing Philly's best underground shows at their award winning Danger! Danger! House since 2005.

Red Rocket has played with:
Weasel Walter Quartet / Low / USAisamonster / Athletic Automaton (mem. Arab on Radar) / Genghis Tron / Behold the Arctopus / Dan Deacon / Ghostland Observatory / White Mice / Parts & Labor / Pony Pants / They Shoot Horses, Don't They? / Don Caballero / An Albatross / Dysrhythmia / Stinking Lizaveta / Ex-Models / Rah Bras / Skeleton Key / These are Powers / Yip Yip / Health / No Age / Sunburned Hand of the Man / and many more!!!