Napoli, Campania, ITA

new indie rock band of Naples. Songs of pure indie, hanging between a little bedroom and the stage. It’s like the report of a life: happiness/despair, love/hate. This album melts the songwriters of American Music Club, Beck and Smog in the 90’s urgency. This album is real and passionate; full of picturesque snaps and colored shade.


Redroomdreamers is a new indie rock band from Naples, Italy, and Roosters on the rubbish is the first Album of the band.

The album will be out 29.10.2010 for Happy/Mopy records – Audioglobe.
Redroomdreamers are:
Dario and Alessio have played together, with your friend and great bass-man Inigo, in one of the cult band of Naples in the 90’s “Growing Ocean”. At the end of the 90’s the band come undone after a lot of shows and an e.p.
In 2008 Dario and Alessio set fire the hot ash that rest in their heart, and born redroomdreamers.
In the band comes Simone at the bass, key and Cello.
In one year write the album and at the end of 2009 come in the “Hovel” studio for the recording.
After 5 months the album is ready, with the production of Bruno Fiengo, the mastering of Rick Fisher at the RFI of Seattle, and the wonderful artistic-digipack of Muhe.
12 songs of pure indie, in English, hanging between a little bedroom and the stage.
The band is come back in town, with the same passion and power of 20 years ago.
Background is the same, Intentions are the same, and Heart is the same.
Stay tuned!


Roosters on the rubbish. Happy/Mopy records