Red Room

Red Room


Red Room is an original soulful rock band based out of Minneapolis, MN. The band has a huge catalogue of music, and delivers powerful live performances. R.I.Y.L.: The Black Crows, Robert Bradley, Tonic


Forming in late 1999, the Minneapolis based band takes its name from the red light district in the French quarter in New Orleans, birth place of singer, songwriter Paul Christiana.

Red Room has spent the last four years compiling a vast catalogue of original songs. Masterful, intelligent lyrics are layered on top of old school soulful rock.

As the bands sound solidified, their liver performances became super-charged showcases, which have gained them wide attention locally. They have made an impact on those who have heard their music.

In the last year they have completed their second CD, (RedRoom – self titled), which is quickly working its way on to the national scene.


Washington Avenue

Written By: Christiana

Kiss me, make sure I'm not dreaming
You've been around, been around,
been around when you're leaving
Well Anthony, he was my best friend
Well sometimes strange things can

I saw you the other day
Never tell me just what you do
But everybody saw
saw the two of you
on Washington Avenue, the two of you

Well gingerly, as you genuflect
Tell the story how it goes,
as you recollect
Apparently you had your motive to run
me into the ground do what you wish

You took two steps forward
and one step back
Even as a concellation,
I'd never take you back
Even as a concellation,
I'd never take you back
Your glory doesn't shine, never
thought it would
I've been through the bad times,
I've been through the good

bitch and a half

Written By: Christiana

She was a social enemy
She broke so many hearts
She's half-machinery
And over twenty thousand parts

I've been her neighbor
Twenty seconds of love
She took my existence
And pushed it out with a shove

She's a bitch and a half (repeat)

I'd help her take off her coat
But then she'd tear out my throat
I'd help her open the door
But then she'd act like a whore
It doesn't matter where you sit
She treats me like the village idiot
It doesn't matter where you stand
Cause everybody is her man

Here I sit, battered and bruised
I'm torn out, worn out, defunct
and used
I sit like a monkey, ready to grind
She can bend over and kiss
my behind


2 albums, one untitled EP, and 1 full release album (self-titled)

Set List

Plastic soul, Weathered, Washington Avenue, Black Car, Bitch And A Half, Test Of Time, Beyond My Dreams, I Feel It, Milk Carton Castaway, Venus, One To Me, Fade Away, Bullets Between Us.

set time: 1-2 hours

covers: The Doors, The Chamber Brothers (both rarely)