Red Rooster

Red Rooster


Imagine Sublime began down the yellow brick road and met the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a poppy field. They continued into the dark forest where they met Reel Big Fish. After walking a bit longer they were on the yellow brick road again, where they were greeted by the soulful sounds of Stevie Wonder


Hailing from all parts of the world, but located in Boston, MA, Red Rooster was formed based upon a strong friendship and a dually equal passion for music.
Their influences range from the head-rattling funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers, to the enveloping sound of Broken Social Scene, to the soul of musical forefathers like Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and George Clinton.
Their sound matches their personalities: a let loose, have a beer (or 8), and jump along sound. To check our the music and get more info visit


Red Rooster EP.

Set List

Set length: 0:45 - 1:45. Our originals (in no particular order):
(a ska/rock song about a city in Suriname known for it's diverse people)
-"Revolution of the Flies"
(a soul/funk song that discusses the possibility of an overtaking by a smaller species)
-"Littlest Bar"
(a dark Indie progressive song that explores the more aggressive side of Red Rooster)
(a jazz/soul influenced song that discusses one of music's forefathers: Frank Sinatra)
-"Green Bridge"
(A catchy reggae tune with great sounding progressions)
-"The Way you Go Down"
(an acoustic ballad turned into a mean, gut-ripping progressive rock tune)
(one of Red Rooster's original songs - an acoustic ballad that envelopes the audience; the lyrics and music portray the feeling of breaking out of personal or actual prison.)
-"Four Feet"
(a seemingly light song that merges into a very progressive experimental, and yet dark, sound)
-"The Elephant Song"
(a light, head-bopp