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Red Roses Black

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Alternative Rock


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"Red Roses Black"

Ideally, a journalist is expected to report their findings in the most objective and unbiased manner possible, in order to serve the public good. However, when it comes to Red Roses Black I'm afraid I just can't do that. I stumbled across their live performance while researching another band and by the end of their energetic and engaging show I was hooked - plain and simple. As I looked around the crowded club, watching and listening to the appreciative audience, it was plain to see I wasn't alone in my thoughts. And for those of you who take the time to check out this hard-working, versatile, and intelligent ensemble, chances are you'll be hooked, too.

Comprised of Sean Andrews on vox and guitar, Justin Bussoli: guitar, Andrew Downs: keyboards, Adam Guiducci: bass, and Alex Marr on drums, this five-piece rock/electronica/pop assemblage is the brainchild of Andrews, who recorded experimental tracks and then set out to create a powerhouse band, capable of delivering the music and furthering the dream. At the time, Andrews worked as a studio engineer for Alan Frew, singer for the 80's pop band Glass Tiger, and was grateful to receive assistance and support for the project from the five-time Juno winner.

Heading up a band is a fitting role for Andrews, who is a natural-born front-man and effortlessly interacts with the crowd with his unique and often self-deprecating brand of humour. For spirited Jusin Bussoli, who lives to perform, Red Roses Black was his opportunity to strut on stage and connect with a live audience. For Downs, it was a chance to unite classical piano with electric-synth, thus bringing an extra dimension to the music. For Guiducci, the hard-thumping force behind the music, it was a way to lay down some serious yet melodious lines, and for industry-minded Marr, who had almost given up on music, Roses was the answers to his prayers. Prior to meeting with Andrews, Marr hadn't been able to find a vehicle to suit his needs and was seriously considering packing it in. For such a brilliant and emotionally-driven drummer, a move like that would have been a shame, for not only does Marr consistently deliver on stage, it seems music runs in his veins. Brother Will Marr is the guitarist for rock/punk band IllScarlett, who are signed with Sony/BMG and are currently touring extensively. It would be nice to see Red Roses Black afforded the same opportunity, for their live show brings as much enthusiasm, energy, and entertainment as most signed bands out there today.

It's not so surprising they are so tight on stage, considering they rehearsed intensively for almost a full year before venturing out to do club dates, perfecting their sound as well as their performance. Andrews also managed to perfect the RRB logo, which looks simplistic enough, but is actually quite clever with two back-to-back R's that form a B if turned on its side. Turn it upright once again and the whole thing forms a techno-type rose. From the music to the logo to the CD design, there's no shortage of creativity in this band, and if it's true that left-handed people use the right half of their brains, in essence, the creative side, then RRB certainly lend credence to the notion, considering there are two left-handed guitarists in their midst - bassist Guiducci and Andrews himself.

Though Andrews continues as the primary songwriter, drawing influence from a variety of bands, in particular the Australian mega-success that is Silverchair; Bussoli, Downs, Guiducci, and Marr bring their voice and expertise to the table, essentially making the creative process a collaborative effort. When questioned as to where the inspiration originates, the band smiles collectively and admits to letting the songs write themselves, rather than forcing them in a particular direction. Not only does this method lend authenticity to the music, it also allows for the listener to draw their own meaning. There are no ego trips happening here - every decision is made together, and through personal preferences may differ on a vareity of subjects, they are completely united in their direction and vision for RRB. Currently, one of those visions includes getting their single "Original Machines" onto the soundtrack for the movie Transformers 2, now in pre-production with Dreamworks and Paramount, with director Michael Bay. To that end, the band has produced a video and uploaded it to YouTube, showcasing the effectiveness of the song when played over top of Transformer clips. You can view the vid at and I have to admit it's very good. The vid encourages fans to lobby on their behalf by posting comments at While waiting to see if "Original Machines" will score as the theme song, the band plans to "gig, gig, gig," and get their music out to as many people as possible. And surely their live show is where it's at, so don't miss it.

By Laurie Lonsdale
- Fazer Magazine, Issue 8


Full length Debut Album to be released Spring of 2009. Will be supported by the single "Make Sense of This," which will receive national airplay across mainstream and college radio networks.

"In Transition" EP (2007)

I've Got Nothing
Original Machines
I Miss You
Are You With Me
Good Man
Off Course
London (Like This)

Please check our myspace to hear selected tracks from "In Transition."



A steady progression of past influences and new ideas, this five member band aspires to deliver the ultimate music experience. Epic yet intimate; polyphonous yet simple; innovative yet indelible; the band's sound thrives on its contradictions yet lives on its accessibility. Described by frontman Sean Andrews as "a lot of simple things woven together," Red Roses Black returns groove and beat to melody and lyric. Written, recorded and produced by the band itself, the music is without hard associations and requires exposure to achieve a personal definition and appreciation.

Stemming from archived experimental tracks started by Sean Andrews, Red Roses Black has quickly flourished into a whirlwind project. With the support of five time Juno award winner and Grammy nominee Alan Frew of Glass Tiger, Red Roses Black strives to be THE band.