Red Roses Black

Red Roses Black

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Red Roses Black leads the next generation of bands that make the songs you can’t stop singing, the albums you can’t put away, and the music you live for. They are the ringing in your ear, the pumping beat that leads the soundtrack of your life. *** NEW ALBUM RELEASED SPRING, 2009 ***


A steady progression of past influences and new ideas, this five member band aspires to deliver the ultimate music experience. Epic yet intimate; polyphonous yet simple; innovative yet indelible; the band's sound thrives on its contradictions yet lives on its accessibility. Described by frontman Sean Andrews as "a lot of simple things woven together," Red Roses Black returns groove and beat to melody and lyric. Written, recorded and produced by the band itself, the music is without hard associations and requires exposure to achieve a personal definition and appreciation.

Stemming from archived experimental tracks started by Sean Andrews, Red Roses Black has quickly flourished into a whirlwind project. With the support of five time Juno award winner and Grammy nominee Alan Frew of Glass Tiger, Red Roses Black strives to be THE band.


Scenery Sketching

Written By: Sean Andrews

Look at the road
Cause it has cracked
and winter has just washed away
The life we had
we're moving slow
but trying hard and
knowing things can't stay this way
although they have

oooh Nobody ever walks away
we tell ourselves
oooh Nobody ever walks away
I know it helps

Out the window
I'm staring out at nothing as it passes by
they dream instead
we're all alone
and nothings gonna stop us when we sing tonight
we give them hell


Full length Debut Album to be released Spring of 2009. Will be supported by the single "Make Sense of This," which will receive national airplay across mainstream and college radio networks.

"In Transition" EP (2007)

I've Got Nothing
Original Machines
I Miss You
Are You With Me
Good Man
Off Course
London (Like This)

Please check our myspace to hear selected tracks from "In Transition."

Set List

Our sets can range from 20 minutes to over an hour. Our normal set is comprised of six to eight songs.

I've Got Nothing
Good Man
Off Course
Original Machines
A New Affliction

Make Sense Of This
Scenery Sketching
Everything I'm Leaving
The Void Inside
Mad World (cover)
I Miss You
Sugar Champagne
Without You
Are You With Me
Wide Open