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Redrum 781

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His music has been described to be LA gangster rap, ghetto street savvy, but positive God-conscious with political social awareness and mainstream commercial viability! This former "Death Row Artist" is known for his writing abilities and his deliver uncensored yet respectable.


As we embark on this journey into the life, history and biography Jermaine Carter “a.k.a.” RedRum 781, best known for his active roll during the heightened gangsta rap era on the West Coast, working side by side with the late Tupac, Easy-E, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and so many more to mention. He was a “Death Row” artist during this historical time. Redrum is also known for his key roll on “Bangin On Wax vol.1 ; he and his fellow female MC the late “Bloody Mary” were the two key players for getting this particular “Bangin On Wax” project off the ground. 13 years later the album continues to be enjoyed and still purchased, Bangin on Wax CD still pushing units @ 18.99 per disc. Jermaine Carter “a.k.a.” Redrum was born in Bronx, N.Y. He resided with his mother and young brother; at the age of 5 he relocated to California with his family. Unfamiliar with their new surroundings and because of the infestation of drugs, hustlers, gang bangers and drug addicts his mother feared when he and his young sibling would try to venture out side. Eventually his younger brother was initiated into the Avenue Piru blood gang; being fearful for his little brothers safety RedRum soon found himself being initiated into the same Piru Avenue gangs in order to protect his younger brother. RedRum discovered at an early age his gift to write and rhyme, as with so many other rappers he expressed his trials, tribulations, life experiences through his music.This artist does not promote gang activity, however in order to stay true to whom he is and the places he’s been during his active years in the Piru Blood gang, his music and lyrics express his trials and struggles in the street. He actively started rapping when he attended Morning side high school, winning several talent shows and contest RedRum soon discovered that his music appealed not to just his friends but to his gang affiliates; as well his rival gang members “The Crips.” His talent is appreciated and respected by many rival gang members. Bangin On Wax was a gangster music project by both the Bloods and the Crips. At first it seemed impossible that the two rival gangs would collaborate on a music project but the impossible happened. The music project was organized by RedRum and rapper Tweedy Bird Loc. Actual gang members from both sides auditioned on a tryout and the best ones were chosen for the project. The album was released in 1993 on Warlock Records and was a success selling over 400,000 copies. There is also another album from the Bloods and the Crips on the Bangin' project titled “Bangin On Wax2…The Saga Continues, which was released in 1994. After this album, however, the rappers who appeared on the albums began recording separate albums for Warlock Records, under the group names Nationwide Rip Ridaz( Crips) and Damu Ridaz (Bloods) Unfortunately for some of the members of Bangin On Wax were incarcerate or have been killed. RedRum is one of the few surviving members; astonishing enough Redrum beat the odds against the streets in which he lost so many friends. Although, RedRum is most remembered for his roll in Bangin On Wax, this lyrical genius can write and flow to any type of topic!. . He tributes his lyrically ability to The Greats…Rakim/Kool G.; Scarface; Run DMC and the late great Tupac Shakur. His other past projects include Damu Rydaz whom was started by RedRum himself “Murder Was the Case” and “Rep Yo Set” which was released by Reputable records. He has shared the booth with the late great Tupac, as well as write some of his famous lyrics. He has recently shared the stage with the world famous Ice-T, Cashis (Shady Records artist) and Dilated Peoples, Redrum has done numerous collabs with well known west coast artist's West Coast Kam, N.U.N.E.; Big Wy and list continues to grow. RedRum has done many compilation but unfortunately none of his new projects have turned out to be anything solid but he still remains at the top of his game and this veteran performer is energetic, street conscience and an lyrical assign that most artist that are his junior can not keep up with the likes of RedRum 781. One might say that RedRum missed his window of opportunity,however, once you hear and watch Redrum's performances he is stronger, wiser and more committed then ever. He is truly an industry asset and a neighborhood icon.


Banin On Wax this album was released in 1993 on Warlock Records selling over 400,000; “Bangin On Wax2…The Saga Continues, which was released in 1994. Murder Was the Case” and “Rep Yo Set” which was released by Reputable records and he has done other compilation....

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