We're a band who doesn't comprise the Word of God, delivering it's Truth through powerful songs of Faith and Hope. We have a vision to see God change lives through the ministry opportunities he's given us.


Combining fresh Christian rock sounds, with catchy lyrics and soothing melodies, Redruth have always wanted to share songs that give hope, build faith and change lives for Christ. When performing live, their unique blend of faith based songs blend with personal testimony and encouragement in the Word, which has impacted many people across the nation.

Founding members of Redruth, twin brothers Stephen and Keith Heffernan, first started the band in 2007. After growing up gaining experience playing in various bands, they both reached a point where they desired God’s will and not their own, for their lives and music. Stephen comments, “In that time, God really put a desire in our hearts to write songs that would share His word, who He is, and what he’s promised to us believers”. It was a new beginning. A fresh start. And, a test of Faith.

The name Redruth comes from the story of their Great Great Grandmother, Jane Bolitho Reed, from the town Redruth in Cornwall, England. She was brought up as a great woman of Faith, who desired to serve God and live out His will for her life. She reached a point in her life where she needed put her on plans and dreams aside, sensing the call to travel to Africa as a missionary. She served there for 4 years before ultimately settling in Australia. Her life of great faith and courage has inspired us to live the same, fully devoted to God, willing to obey and Go.