Red Sammy

Red Sammy

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

There is a sub-genre of folk music called Loner Stoner Folk. Red Sammy takes Appalachian, folk, and blues, and heads off in this direction... steady controlled pace with a rhythm section allowing guitars to maneuver about in their driving and sometimes snaky foreboding manner. (DCRock Blog).


Red Sammy is Baltimore singer/songwriter, Adam Trice. The band name is a reference to Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” (1955). The style of music embraces the beauty in imperfection: life, work, hard work, disappointment, love and loss are all themes entwined in his songs. Baltimore area musicians that currently perform with Red Sammy include Greg Humphreys (bass, electric guitar, mandolin), Bruce Elliott (electric guitar, slide guitar), Ryan Bowen (drums), John “Chesapeake” Decker (resonator guitar). 

Red Sammy has opened for national/regional artists including: Mike Watt and the Missingmen, Deer Tick, Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters, Dr. Dog, Phosphorescent, Dirty River Boys, Reckless Kelly, Fly Golden Eagle.

Past festival performances: FloydFest 2015, Denver Underground Music Festival, Toronto Underground Folk Festival, Artscape 2011, 2013, 2015 (Baltimore, MD), Baltimore Folk Festival, Baltimore Book Festival 2012 and 2013, HonFest 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 (Baltimore, MD), Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K and Festival, Fringe Festival (Buffalo, NY), Annapolis BarBayQ 2013, 2014, 2015, Eastern Shore Oyster Festival, A Night of 1,000 Dylans (Baltimore, MD), Roots Café Concert Series (Baltimore, MD).

Past radio interviews: WTMD (Baltimore, MD); WYPR-FM (Baltimore, MD); WRYR-FM (Annapolis, MD), WNCW-FM (Spindale, NC); WDVX-FM Blue Plate Special (Knoxville, TN); 98.1-FM The River (Asheville, NC); CIUT-FM (Toronto, ON); CHRW-FM (London, ON); WCNI (New London, CT); WTJU (Charlottesville, VA); Gas House Radio (Philadelphia, PA); WBNY-FM (Buffalo, NY); SOMA-FM (San Francisco, CA); MeerRadio (Netherlands), and others.

Past Reviews: Americana UK; The Big Takeover, Baltimore City Paper, Baltimore Magazine, Washington Post, Independent Clauses, Denver Post, Frederick Post, Takoma Park Broadcasting, DC Rock Blog, SoundMag Review (Germany), and others.

Past musicians that have performed and contributed to music projects with Red Sammy include: Katie Feild (bass guitar, concertina, vocals), Josh Weiss (pedal steel, electric guitar, banjo), Nick Sjostrom (drums and percussion), Eric Friedman (keyboards, harmonica), Theron Melchior (bass, musical saw), William Harder (harmonica), Julia Oat-Judge (cello), Tony Calato (drums), Marc Blanc (drums).

Red Sammy has released four album’s (Self-titled release, 2007; Dog Hang Low, 2009; A Cheaper Kind of Love Song, 2011; These Poems With Kerosene, 2013) as well as one book of poetry with accompanying soundtrack (In Places with Bad Lighting, 2010).

Red Sammy will be releasing a new album in late Fall 2015. Stay tuned.

In These Poems With Kerosene Red Sammy collaborates with poet and University of Baltimore professor, Steve Matanle.  Greed, dependence, lust, acceptance, the false hope of perfection are all encounters on this album. (music in col blends the simplicity of song with poetic sensibilities. We encounter various characters who all share a similar miserable and heartbreaking circumstance in life. They frequent the same places: package goods stores, lonesome bars, street corners. Some characters sound frustrated and angry while others are indifferent to their own bleak situation. The story within this dialogue, however, is left to the listener for interpretation.


Red Sammy (A Cheaper Kind of Love Song) 2011.
As trotted out since across numerous gigs and two albums, 2007’s self-titled debut and 2009’s Dog Hang Low, Trice and a shifting cast of musicians explore what the band’s web site dubs “graveyard country rock,” an atavistic sound that borrows from the croon and ache of country, the plainspoken austerity of folk, and a touch of the clanking Americana of mid-period Tom Waits, all highlighted by Trice’s front-and-center lyrics and gravelly voice. New album A Cheaper Kind of Love Song expands the project’s horizon’s a bit with a fuller, harder-driving band sound. Meanwhile the lyrical themes evoke The Road—not the Cormac McCarthy novel, though maybe that’s in there somewhere too, but themes of travel, departure, even escape, as well as the nearly mandatory rock ’n’ roll road song, “Rock Star,” except Red Sammy’s version involves “[driving] five hours to camp in a junkyard. Baltimore City Paper (2011)

Red Sammy (Dog Hang Low) 2009
Sophomore release, released January 2009 through Beechfields Record Label. Listeners will naturally relish Red Sammy’s signature rollercoaster lyrics, sounds and emotions, but the Baltimore-based group has added even more layers this time around.

Red Sammy (Self-titled), 2007
Red Sammy's first full-length, self-titled album recorded at Cleancuts Music in Baltimore, MD contains eleven picturesque songs that capture the hope in desperaton the beauty in imperfection. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

Red Sammy has appeared on:
WYPR (88.1 FM) Baltimore, MD
WTMD (89.7 FM) Towson, MD
WEBR (94.5 FM) Fairfax, VA Goffus Rock Experience
Pandora (Internet Radio)
Loyola College Radio, Baltimore, MD
WMUC 88.1 FM, College Park, MD Third Rail Radio
WNCW (Asheville, NC)
CHRW (London, Ontario)
CIUT-FM (Toronto, Ontario)

Set List

Originals from These Poems with Kerosene (February 2013)
1. Better That Way
2. Everything Must Go
3. Monstertruck
4. Woodbourne
5. Friends
6. Brokenlight
7. Shark Bait
8. Rank & File

Originals from A Cheaper Kind of Love Song (2011)
1. It Ain’t You (Carolina Road Anthem)
2. Camping Trailer
3. Cactus Flower
4. Amsterdam
5. Rock Star
6. Baltimore
7. Come Back Home
8. Wild Dogs

Originals from sophomore record, Dog Hang Low (2009)

12. Lord Don't Break My Back
13. Songbird
14. Cathedral
15. Postmark My Apologies
16. Goddamn Jersey Waffle Diners
17. Turn Away
18. Dog Hang Low
19. Shine Like An Empty Prison

Originals from debut, self-titled record (2007)

1. outside
2. dirty water
3. macabre souffle
4. take a ride
5. thames
6. listless
7. carnival
8. king on the road

Originals from In Places with Bad Lighting (2010)
1. I Stay in Bed
2. Sugar on the Wounds
3. Firetrail
4. Screened Porch
5. The Current