Red Sea Affair

Red Sea Affair


Red Sea Affair is a machine, taking different styles and infusing them in to a roller coaster ride of emotion, energy, percussion, and melody. Red Sea Affair is a band that will start or end the show with a bang all while maintaining a quality sound.


Red Sea Affair Started in the Spring of 2007 with Shua Moore, Antony Rodriguez and Tim Whitaker founding the band on two principals. The first being their faith and passion for that faith, and the second to bring a fresh taste and energy to music. Fueled with a unique sound Red Sea Affair added Joe Mozdzen and Jeff Lotz shortly after. Since then Red Sea Affair has worked hard to develop a sound that is second to none powered by energy and stage presence. Armed with multiple drum and percussion instruments along with layers of vocals, Red Sea Affair has been playing the Philadelphia and Jersey area steady since 2008. With a growing fan base Red Sea Affair hit the studio and is currently gearing up to Release their Album "End of the Line" coming out June 15th.


Singles - Vineyard on this Ship and Manuscripts of a Solution

Set List

Typical Set

Vineyard on This Ship
Everybody's Hangups
Manuscripts of a Solution
The Great Glass Line

Our set can range anywhere from a half hour to 45 minutes