Red Shack Medicine

Red Shack Medicine


"Alternative/Progressive rock with a heavy Appalachian groove"


RED SHACK MEDICINE is a rock band who, since 1994, have focused on writing & recording their unique blend of original material, which is informed by a wide range of musical influences. Formed in 1994 as BLACKWATER FOLK, they became the hometown (Lewisburg,WV) favorites sharing the stage at Roscoes' Café with rock and roll
legends such as George Thorogood, John Hammond Jr., and Steady Rolling Bob Margolin. In 1998 the band dissolved to pursue other interests, but this was only a chapter in a story that is still unfolding. In August of 2004 the original members (Dave Dotson-Vocals, T.Boggs-Guitar, Scott Baker-Bass, Juicy Williams-Drums) re-formed under the new band name and began to rehearse and write new material for another go of it. The band's ability to write and perform original music with effortless confidence is what sets RED SHACK MEDICINE
apart from typical bar-club scene bands. The band's set list is comprised of over 40 originals which they intermingle with a few eclectic covers for flavor.

Dave D:
Influenced by all types of music from metal to gospel, David fashions himself a word man more than a front man. Music is a creature, or a comfort, or a happening. Favorite singers he has always liked include: Morrison(Jim), Mark Lanegan
(Screaming Trees), Kory Klarke (Warrior Soul), & Ian Asbury (The Cult,Doors of the 21st century). He gives glory to god & his love to his wife & two kids.

All time favorite bands: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, CCR, Cream, Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan,Tragically Hip. Current Listening: James Mathus, White Stripes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Audioslave, The Black Crowes, The Handsome
Family, Young Galaxy, Matt Mays & Chad VanGaalen.

Juicy Williams:
Juicy says,"Our music is created in the spirit of
brotherhood,comradery,and life. "This is where I
belong,after different jobs,cities,and experiences. This is Red Shack Medicine, this is history." Influences: Mitch Mitchell-Jimi Hendrix Experience, John Bonham-Led Zeppellin, and Bill Ward- Black Sabbath.

Scott B:
Originally a guitar player, Scott switched to bass in late 1993 when T & Juicy, who were then starting their second or third band together, asked him to join. (This, plus sheer laziness, explains his unorthodox style.) Though an aficionado of
music from throughout the 20th century, his influences as a songwriter and musician include the Beatles, CCR, Cream, The Police, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Tragically Hip,and Jimi Hendrix -who said there are "only two kinds of music: good and bad."


(none yet -- will release 13-song CD in Spring '08)

Set List

We typically do three sets, each approx. 1 hour in
length. These consist mostly of our original material,
with a couple of covers thrown into each set. Our
cover list varies with time, and is drawn from a "mixed bag" of tunes.
Original song titles include: Queen Izabella, Undertow, Mistaken, Busted Britches, No hands, Evil Town, Light Storm, Die w/the sun, 3 men dead, Preacher Man, Nothing new to Me, Coming Down the Mountain, Smoke, Trillbilly Anthem, Stay, Tie-Dyed Sky, the Beyond Within, One More Time for the Road, Gibraltar, Pioneer, Ease My Mind, Long Black Hair, Tongue-Tied, Sun Song, Coal Black River, Dead man in the barn, Change it, Caress the Loaded Sun, Drunken Matador, Polecat Dance, 13 Mile Road, Some Burden, Big Black Sky, etc....