Redsharkinvegas play an exciting brand of melodic acoustic rock which in itself is a new genre. The band is made up of 3 members who have a strong bond from gigging over the past 10 years (UK /US). We are all very passionate and dedicated about our music and are working hard to fulfill our dreams.


RED SHARK IN VEGAS are a young rock band originally from the West Country, now living in Brighton. They play stripped back melodic songs, but played with the weight of Zeppelin and the bite of Kings of Leon. The first song they wrote together was “tales of the misled”, a song that’s sound defined the rest that were to follow. Coming from a small hometown and having known each other nearly all their lives, their close friendship is clearly visible in their tight, punchy, exciting live performances. With a wide taste in musical genres, the band’s influences run from the classic to the modern with elements of Dylan, Springsteen and Nick Cave also appearing in the music.


Tales of the misled, Bonnie & Clyde, Under your bedroom light (streaming & radio play)

Set List

Our sets are usually filled with 12 songs and would run for 45 mins, the songs included are:
Who are we
Bonnie and Clyde
Tales of the misled
My enemy
On top of the world
Show yourself
Not my girl
Love till death
Never far away