Red Ships of Spain

Red Ships of Spain

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Thundering from a cold, damp, Northeast Portland basement, Red Ships of Spain rock, sail and sway, staying true to their rock n roll roots. These four sea captains aim right for the heart and soul of the listener with their finger-bleeding guitar licks, fuzzy reverb and harmonizing melodies.


Four longtime friends, Red Ships of Spain grew up together in a small town in southern Oregon. After graduating from separate universities, each of the band members settled in Portland.

The band began as a three-piece, as Joe, Mike and Mateo began experimenting with loud noises in the basement of their poorly insulated northeast bungalow.

Six months later, Elise would jam with the band for fun one evening, and RSOS quickly became a quartet. Elise's classically-trained vocals began to marry with Mike's endearingly valiant front-man routine, just as her Precision bass bled into Joe's heavy waves of sustain and Mateo's catchy-yet-complex rhythms.

Inspired by the greats of yesteryear, RSOS hearkens listeners back to a time filled with fat guitar riffs, shotgun rimshots and endorphin-inducing melodies. RSOS tries to play with the same fire that fueled early 70's rock.

RSOS stands out simply by playing what comes naturally, and they are grateful to today's bands that are aiming at bringing back the hotness of Rock 'n Roll.



Written By: Mike Whitman

Walking through the empire
Body racked with pain
Searching for his lost soul
His nightmares will not wane

A man stands 'gainst an empire
Drowning in the flood
Whiskey runs through his veins
Both hands stained with blood

Now a man reigns o'er his empire
Lord o'er all he sees
Though he enslaves tens of thousands
He still longs to be free

Some Kind of Lady

Written By: Mike Whitman

You dress in black and you're acting like you ain't seen no one lately
But when I ask you to stop you just keep on walking and baby
I start to quake, lie awake and can't shake these feelings you gave me
'Cause deep inside of my mind I know there's a chance you can save me

'Cause your some kind of lady x4

You glance my way and then call out my name and I'm going crazy
I act real nice and then ask you polite but you tell me maybe
I'm so confused, what to do, are you true or will you just play me?
Or if time past would we last, or would you just cry and then hate me?

Yeah you're some kind of lady x4

She builds me up just to break me down
You build me up just to break me down
She builds me up just to break me down
You build me up just to break me down

Yeah you're some kind of lady x4


(Currently working on EP)

Set List

Bikini Girl Summer
The Duel
The Ballad
Eddie and Sarah
Some Kind of Lady
Sons of Valhalla