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Red Snapper are one of the most forward-thinking and ground breaking bands in the UK and their unique blend of instrumental Afro-Jazz, funk and hip-hop has gained them a huge live reputation across the world. Their 8 albums to date, include Making Bones, Our Aim is To Satisfy and Prince Blimey on Warp Records and their most recent being ‘Key’ which was released in 2011 on V2 records.

Their music has always illustrated the bands cinematic tendency which has reached its natural climax in thi


Red Snapper Touki Bouki live soundtrack – Press Release - 2013

Red Snapper are one of the most forward-thinking and ground-breaking bands in the UK and their unique blend of instrumental Afro-jazz, funk and hiphop has gained them a huge live reputation across the world. Their 8 albums to date – the most recent being the critically acclaimed Key in 2011 – illustrate the bands cinematic tendency which has reached its natural climax in this ambitious project of performing their newly composed score to the classic Senegalese film Touki Bouki (1973) directed by Djibril Diop Mambety and restored by Martin Scorcese.
Touki Bouki is a beautiful film about the desperation of young Africans yearning for stability and prosperity and its dark humour suits Red Snapper and their love of African culture. The live soundtrack creates an incredibly emotive and surprising experience.
The band are:
Rich Thair – Drums
David Ayers – Guitars
Ali Friend – Double bass/Moog?
Tom Challenger – Sax/Clarinet/Keys



Red Snapper release their new album ‘Key’, a guide to all things ‘Snapper’; ghostly sonic landscapes, ripping machine gun rhythms and bone shaking bass. The pioneering UK band continue to break boundaries and invent new sounds whilst staying true to the unique energy that fans have always loved.

On ‘Key’, their seventh album, original band members Rich Thair (drums), Ali Friend (double bass/vocals) and David Ayers (guitar) are joined by young-blood jazz saxophonist Tom Challenger and guest vocalists Gavin Clarke (UNKLE, Clay Hill) and Eliza Carthy. Mercury Prize nominee Eliza Carthy has been a huge Snapper fan since the early days and her warm powerful voice is a perfect complement to the band’s grit.

Written over two years, the album was recorded at Rich Thair’s house, the whole of which had been transformed into a temporary studio; upended sofas made isolation booths, amps and mics in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen, a trail of cables linking every room. The band cite musical pioneers old and new as their inspirational soundboard. All of them agree they hear different sounds in each shared listening – take away one member and the Red Snapper sound is lost. It’s musical virtuosity without pretention.

Collecting a new generation of music fans through live shows in the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Holland and Belgium; ‘Key’ is a strong reflection of these surroundings. A reaction to the constantly changing background, whether it be a Black Sea beach, vodka fuelled breakfasts in M
oscow, dark London streets or train journeys past Mount Olympus. Also, particularly in the light of recent dismissals of multi-culturalism, the band are proud that ‘Key’ is a reflection of the myriad of sounds and ideas they are exposed to in the UK. The richness in people and noise.

Formed in 1993, the band’s debut 1996 album ‘Prince Blimey’ combined a unique use of traditional jazz instrumentation with a contemporary approach. However, it was their live show that impressed many and influenced other ‘dance’ artists to fuse acoustic instruments with electronic sounds with successive releases on Warp Records, ‘Making Bones’ and ‘Our Aim is To Satisfy Red Snapper’. By 2001 the band had played and worked with artists including The Prodigy, David Holmes, Björk and The Fugees; however, finding themselves ushered in a commercial direction, the fiercely independent trio split from Warp, subsequently concentrating on solo projects.

Two years in the making, from a band who met nearly 20 years ago, ‘Key’ is full of dark soul and blistering passion. Red Snapper will follow up the album with an extensive tour of Europe and are looking forward to returning to festival stages, where they belong, throughout the summer of 2011.


In our 20 year career Red Snapper have had full radio support worldwide, we have played Radio 1 sessions and performed on shows such as 'later with Joolz Holland' and Canal + in France.


2011 - KEY (CD, VINYL)
01. In Your Backs (5:15)
02. Chimee (5:34)
03. Biffa Bacon (4:47)
04. Jack (3:29)
05. Spikey (4:32)
06. Architectronic (4:34)
07. Take Your Medicine (4:56)
08. Loveboat (4:50)
09. Eye Liner Stab (3:29)
10. Great First Touch (4:13)
11. Racing Snake (4:19)
12. Off Balance (5:20)
13. Fat Roller (5:01)
14. You Read My Cards Wrong (3:27)

2011 - SCALE EP (EP, DIG)
1. Jack (3:20)
2. Undertow (4:57)
3. Vlieland (2:42)
4. Plaided Chimee (Plaid remix) (5:43)

1. Deathroll (Robert Logan Remix) (5:16)
2. Brickred (Dr. Radious' Brick Dub) (5:09)
3. Lagos Creepers (Memory9 Remix) (5:51)
4. Moving Mountain (Scuba Remix) (7:20)

1. Brickred (4:51)
2. Lagos Creepers (5:48)
3. Wanga Doll (6:07)
4. Moving Mountain (5:05)
5. Clam (3:41)
6. Deathroll (5:42)
7. Clam (Kelpe Remix) (7:44)
8. Brickred (Subway Mix) (6:57)

2004 - REDONE (12", EP, LTD, RED)
A1. Four Dead Monks (Radioactive Man)
A2. Ultraviolet (Rich Thair)
B1. Drill (Jakeone)
B2. Regrettable (Depth Charge)

01. Regrettable
02. Mountains And Valleys
03. Ultraviolet
04. Heavy Petting
05. Dnipro
06. Hot Flush (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)
07. Odd Man Out
08. The Quiet One
09. The Tunnel (Live)
10. Four Dead Monks (Live)

2002 - IT'S ALL GOOD (3X12", COMP)
A1 His Name Is Alive Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth (Ectomorph Electro Storm Mix) (6:02)
A2 Prefuse 73 Nuno (2:59)
B1 Susumu Yokota King Dragonfly (4:40)
B2 Riton Take Control (12" Version) (5:04)
C1 Nav Space Chase (7:01)
C2 Spacer Houston (Live Version) (7:58)
D1 Smokestack Metallic Funk Appliance (8:24)
D2 Red Snapper Belladonna (4:27)
E JakeOne Jenna (Exclusive) (6:29)
F Aramchek Spellcheck (Exclusive) (4:46)

2002 - IT'S ALL GOOD (CD)
1 His Name Is Alive Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth (Ectomorph Electro Storm Mix) (6:02)
2 Prefuse 73 Nuno (2:59)
3 Susumu Yokota King Dragonfly (4:40)
4 Riton Take Control (12" Version) (5:04)
5 Nav Space Chase (7:01)
6 Spacer Houston (Live Version) (7:58)
7 Nahawa Doumbia Fatien (New Sector Movement Remix) (7:43)
8 Smokestack Metallic Funk Appliance (8:24)
9 Jake One* Jenna (6:29)
10 Red Snapper Ultraviolet (5:47)
11 Aramchek Spellcheck (4:46)
12 Red Snapper Belladonna (4:27)

2000 - THE ROUGH & THE QUICK (12")
A The Rough and the Quick (Ashley Beedle's Internal Sex Remix)
B1 The Rough and the Quick (Illicit Vocal Mix)
B2 The Rough and the Quick (A Capella Version)

2000 - SOME KIND OF KINK (12")
A1 Some Kind Of Kink (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix)
B1 Some Kind Of Kink (Original) (5.26)
B2 Rake II

1 Keeping Pigs Together (5:22)
2 Some Kind Of Kink (5:26)
3 Shellback (5:43)
4 Don't Go Nowhere (4:50)
5 The Rake (5:14)
6 The Rough And The Quick (5:05)
7 Bussing (5:24)
8 I Stole Your Car (4:14)
9 Alaska Street (5:00)
10 Belladonna (4:26)
11 They're Hanging Me Tonight (6:08)

1998 - THE SLEEPLESS (12")
A1 The Sleepless (Shut Up And Dance Remix)
A2 The Sleepless
B Seeing Red

1 The Sleepless (4:44)
2 Crease (6:19)
3 Image Of You (6:11)
4 Bogeyman (4:58)
5 The Tunnel (5:23)
6 Like A Moving Truck (5:17)
7 Spitalfields (6:59)
8 Seeing Red (4:48)
9 Suckerpunch (5:10)
10 4 Dead Monks (5:16)

1998 - IMAGE OF YOU (12")
A1 Image Of You (Shut Up And Dance Remix)
A2 Image Of You (Rae And Christian Remix)
B1 Image Of You (Salt City Orchestra Vocal)

1998 - BOGEYMAN (12")
A1 Bogeyman
A2 Bogeyman (David Holmes Mix)
B1 Bogeyman (Two Lone Swordsmen 5 Day Wonder Mix)

1 Crusoe Takes A Trip (6:39)
2 3 Strikes And You're Out (5:50)
3 Thomas The Fib (5:41)
4 Get Some Sleep Tiger (4:08)
5 Fatboy’s Dust (5:15)
6 Moonbuggy (1:49)
7 The Paranoid (5:38)
8 Space Sickness (4:09)
9 The Last One (4:17)
10 Digging Doctor What What (7:03)
11 Gridlock (5:10)
12 Lo-Beam (5:38)

1996 - MOOKING (REMIX) (12")
A Son Of Mook (Depth Charge Remix)
B Get Some Sleep Tiger (Plaid Remix)

1996 - MOOKING (12")
A Son Of Mook
AA1 Get Some Sleep Tiger
AA2 Mooking

1996 - LOOPASCOOPA (2X12")
A The Last One (Red Snapper Coldcutted And Gutted By DJ Food)
B1 The Last One
B2 Strike One
C Thomas The Fib (Mr Scruff Mix)
D Crusoe Takes A Trip (John McEntire Tortoise Mix)

1 Snapper (4:47)
2 One Legged Low Frequency Guy (5:31)
3 Swank (6:15)
4 Hot Flush (4:10)
5 Cortina (5:07)
6 Hot Flush (Sabres Of Paradise Remix) (8:05)
7 In Deep (9:28)
8 Wesley Don't Surf (4:59)
9 Lobster (10:35)

1995 - HOT FLUSH (12")
A1 Hot Flush
A2 Wesley Don't Surf
AA Hot Flush (Sabres Of Paradise Remix

Set List

Newly composed score. Unpublished work.