Red Snow

Red Snow

 Burbank, California, USA

This Hollywood rock band has built a loyal fan base and avoided compromise of any kind. This “Armenian/American Mythical Powerhouse” in-the-making has made no apologies for their Hard-Core Metal sound in a town that seldom celebrates originality.


If you cannot describe a Perfect Nowhere, then you should let Red Snow just do it for you. This is not a day in age where it has to Smell Like Teen Spirit to be the shit. We’ve got the internet and MySpace whores to figure out on their own damn time what they like and dislike. You won’t know Red Snow's soul until you meet the humble giant, Vahe Marzbetuny (also more commonly known as "V" or "The Godfather" to those close too him. He’s never quite had the break to make him the living legend that he truly may become with this rock ensemble. His electrifying riffs are what propels the very will of this band. V likes to remind me, each time we talk, usually sighing with an optimistic half full glass that things are really starting to click. Luke, "I’m really just starting to have fun," he laughs. Backed by his brother Zareh aka "Big Daddy Z" on bass, Chris Daniel on Drums, and vocalist Jezter Detroit, we have Red Snow. A band that may become an Armenian/American Mythical Powerhouse with their Hardcore Metal sound. What’s not in, may not necessarily be out of style. RS’ originality proves that the snow everywhere else may be white, but in LA, it precipitates a particular shade of Red as and echoes a raging sound.

RED SNOW performed their explosive shows at venues such as: The House of Blues (On Sunset), The Key Club, The El Rey Theater, The Whisky, The Troubadour, The Joint, Viper Room, Velvet Jones (Santa Barbara), Angels Roadhouse, B.B. Kings (Universal Citywalk), The Mint (Los Angeles), Hollywood Palladium, The Henry Fonda (Musicbox Theatre), The Roxy, Canes (San Diego), and The Knitting Factory (Hollywood). 

RED SNOW were nominated for best rock album at The Armenian Music Awards in 2004, 2005, and 2006. They were also winners of USA4real Radio’s “Best Live Performance” of 2007. Currently, RED SNOW are supporting the release of their new CD “The Fifth” produced by Levon Sultanian (Abloom, Onesidezero), mixed & mastered by the legendary Ulrich Wild(Deftones,Incubus,Pantera).

VOCALIST: Jezter Detroit was awarded the Rock Vocalist Award at the Detroit Music Awards in 2005, and has had numerous nominations including Blues Vocalist, Harmonica Instrumentalist, and a few Outstanding Recording nominations. As of August 2007, Jezter moved to Hollywood, CA to LIVE his musical dream! Immediately he found his way on to VH1 Reality TV Show “ROCK OF LOVE–Charm School” Episode One with Sharon Osbourne, and now has found a perfect match with RED SNOW. 

LEAD GUITARIST: Vahe “V” Marzbetuny is often praised as a lyrical, soulful guitarist and is the heart and soul of the band. He has recorded with Serj Tankian and Arto Tuncboyadjian on the CD entitled “Serart” on a song called “Devils Wedding”. Vahe along with his brother Zareh, both were members of a successful rock band in the 90’s called “Mach 1”. Their debut Mach 1 CD is still selling worldwide & debuts his lead vocal ability on "My January". V's Fiery and volatile style adds fuel to a already explosive unit.

BASS GUITAR: Zareh “Big Daddy Z” Marzbetuny is a skilled bass player with a unique ability to play a wide range of styles. His crisp, round earth-shaking sound fills a room. His firm rhythm makes him one of the most in-demand bassists around. He’s a funny guy with funny things to say and plays some burnin bass riffs. 

DRUMS: Chris Daniel adds an incredible rhythmic backbone to this band. His versatility on both drum set and percussion have made him an in demand player for live and in the studio. His energy is simply amazing. Chris & V co-wrote the music on "The Fifth".


Mental Continental

Written By: Jezter Detroit /Red Snow

Step right up come on in
Where do I start? What do you want from me? Got nothing for ya, but a kick in the face
More than I could take leaving life to fate
I’d warn you to escape but it’s much too late
Guided way, forced to play, to pry through the secrets and lies
On second wind, at bat again, let’s go with it

Don’t know quite yet what I’m trying to find
Bottled emotions still lost in the tides
Sooner or later with eyes open wide
Bottled emotions will one day arrive

Too late! I warned you to escape (haha I told you to run)
Told you it’s too late
Voice inside, cannot hide, can’t take it, the logic they’re making
Been erased, so sweet it tastes coming unstable feels good to get mental

Don’t know quite yet what I’m trying to find
Bottled emotions still lost in the tides
Sooner or later with eyes open wide
Bottled emotions will one day
Sooner or later with eyes open wide
Bottled emotions will one day arrive


Red Snow (Self Titled) - 2002
Showtime Motel - 2004
Dragonfly - 2005
Perfect Nowhere - 2006
The Fifth - 2010

Set List

The current RED SNOW set list consists of the following songs (not necessarily in this order):

Sir Ender
Sugar Daddy
Mental Continental
My January
Fight Club
Lamb of Silence
Russian Roulette.

Our current set is approximately 30 minutes long.