Redsox Society

Redsox Society

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It's East Side New Orleans and West Side San Antonio,A mixture of something totally different,yet totally the same. Pure Audio Smack that street vibe that suburban kids want in on and the hoods can relate to. Straight Heroin,Hookers,& Handguns, southern drawl over heavy drums,and soul samples. Bang!


Coming Soon....


Paid N Full (John Dough aka Andy Fats & Liveola formerly of 3rd Degree Ent.)
I Am San Antone (DJ Luis,Joe Piff & Question? formerly of Cinematic Music Group/Epic)
The Pre-Show(Joe Piff)
Hoody Geesus(Hoody Gee & Rapid Ric)
Hoody Ham Lincoln(Hoody Gee & Redsox Society)
On My Hustle 5-7 (DJ Tone, Joe Piff & Andy Fats)
Money In the City (Charlie Boy,DJ Luis,Da Rhyno)
Southern Swagga 2 (DJ Currensy, Gorilla Zoe)
Set The City On Fire (So Real, DJ Whut It Dew Tum Tum)
Juice Mixtape (Well Fed,Redsox, SlipNSlide DJs)
TX Connection *Street Single*(Joe Piff,Andy Fats, SoReal, And Magno Of Swisher House)
Donald Trump *Street Single*(SoReal,Andy Fats, BunB of UGK)
20s & 10s *Mixtape Single* (Andy Fats & Question of Cinematic/Epic)
Shit-Talkers Theme Song (Big Tike formerly of SwisherHouse and Andy Fats)

And Countless other (SlipNSlide Djs, Dj Luis of Dirty3rd, Dj Tone,Dj Currensy + more Major/Indie mixtape features and hostings)