Red Square

Red Square

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Arguably Boston's best cover band, certainly the most versatile. We play everything across the FM dial, we're full of surprises, mashups, original arrangements, and stuff other bands won't touch.


Red Square has no shortage of influences, from heavy metal and funk to pop, jazz and classic rock, to emo, Top 40 and barbershop.

Other cover bands, especially those with a male lead singer, don't often have the range to cover artists like Jessie J, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars or Carrie Underwood, but Jason Brandenburg has the voice to nail them all, any style, and in any setting. (in the original keys, no less.)

Brian Burr is the designer of many of Red Square's original arrangements, and his lightning bass style and solid vocal harmonies provide the backbone for the driving pulse of our dance grooves.

Haril Pandya's Parker Fly guitar produces the most diverse set of sounds any band could ask for from their guitarist, and with his vocal harmonies adding a third layer to the band's depth, there's almost no song they can't nail.

Finally, where would any band be without a blurringly fast, solid and Berkeley-trained drummer? Certainly Red Square would be lost without Matt "Iron" Johnson whose beats are the heart of the Square. His MIDI sequencer work adds yet more depth and possibility to the Red Square repertoire.