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I walk up the stairs of The Bum Steer not quite knowing what to expect. TRA’s lovely founder, Rik, usually hunts down the bands and shows, and I just follow knowing it will lead to a good night with good music. Red Star Rebellion had just begun their set, and as the first song ends I immediately turn to Rik and ask that I be the one to write this review. I know you all know the feeling – you hear a song and something just ignites in you, and they were definitely doing it for me. The lead singer’s voice was so incredibly smooth and well honed I almost couldn’t believe I was hearing it at a local venue and not on the radio, somehow reminiscent of both Isaac Slade (The Fray) and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam, of course) all rolled into one.

The feel of the band meets at a middle ground, this isn’t hard rock and mosh pits, but there’s no way it’s putting you to sleep either. All 3 musicians really stepped it up with interesting beats and progression, each song being distinct, and I didn’t once find myself feeling like I’d heard it all before. I’ll admit it, I tend to lack anything even resembling an attention span, but this music drew me in and it wasn’t letting me go until they were off the stage. They also threw in a cover of “Cortez the Killer”, and a good one, which sealed the deal for us two Neil Young fans. I come home to check out their myspace and find out this was only their second show – I can tell you right now I’ll be at the next one (and the next one, oh and the next one…) and watch out for me, ’cause I’m ready to rock baby!! - Leslie of The Tucson Rock Alliance


EP recorded and produced at Luna Recording Studios (producer George Nardo) 10/2009-11/2009: Rust, Love Her Like I Love The Rain, Pierced, The Way.



Officially formed in August 2009, Red Star Rebellion quickly made its impact on Tucson's local rock scene. After the band's second show, the Tucson Rock Alliance (TRA) named the group Tucson’s Featured Alternative Band and posted a review that shot them into the spotlight. Rik, TRA's founder, has since said they are one of the best act's he's booked.

Red Star Rebellion’s frontman Damon McLaughlin, an award-winning poet, brings dynamic vocals and alluring guitar work to the group. A powerful vocalist and the band's primary songwriter, there is no mistaking his stamp on Red Star Rebellion's sound.

McLaughlin’s rhythms are tempered with the leads of rock climber Corey Ellison, who joined Red Star Rebellion in August of 2009. Influenced by guitarists from Jimi Hendrix to Stanley Jordan, Ellison is a natural fit for the band, able to lay into the rhythms as well as to leap into the forefront of the melodies.

Rooted in the blues, bassist Aaron Ekstrom keeps the band's tunes from ranging too far into the open-jam, outer-space zone. With a PhD in Mathematics, he maintains a calculated, low-end rhythm for the group’s frequently syncopated style.

Drummer Matt Cucuzza’s influences range from Benny Goodman to Incubus. His flair for jazz and funk adds to Red Star Rebellion’s uniqueness while maintaining the band’s radio friendly sound. Drummer by night, he’s a University of Arizona grad student by day.

Together McLaughlin, Ellison, Ekstrom, and Cucuzza become a rock band unique among rock bands, producing a sound and style definable only as Red Star Rebellion. While the group’s influences may be heard, the band’s groove is solidly their own; as other acts follow the trend, Red Star Rebellion sets it.