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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"MP3: Redstone Hall – “Get Back Jack”"

I just came across an email introducing me to a Los Angeles band, Redstone Hall. They’ve been around since 2003, and the bit of into that grabbed me were these words used to describe their style: “[they are] known for exciting stage shows that combine rock, funk, soul, blues and pop, with an expansive improvisational element.”
I go on reading and see that Music Connection named them one of LA’s top unsigned bands in 2008, and that their debut EP, ElePhant, was produced by Dave Cobb (Shooter Jennings, Jack White, Nico Vega). Well, that pretty much sealed the deal for me… so I took their song, “Get Back Jack” for a spin, dug it, and here I am now writing about them for you to check out.

That’s the chain of events that led us here.

“Get Back Jack” feels like a romp through New Orleans, thanks to singer Steven Rothstein’s drawl… it’s a solid song through and through, anchored by a hammering piano that definitely sets the tone. The song sounds like it was teleported from way back when, and I think that’s just fine with Redstone Hall.

As their press release states…

The players were still in high school when Redstone Hall started. They evolved rapidly from a jam band to a more focused pop outfit, drawing on the sounds of the classic soul and rock of the 60s and 70s.
Redstone Hall may be looking back for their inspiration, but they don’t come across as trying to recreate anything. For me, their style has no problems standing out from the pack… Rothstein’s voice invites you in and keeps you there. I’m digging their sound and want to hear more.

Here are some of their upcoming show dates… catch one if you can. -

"[Listen/Download] – Redstone Hall – “Get Back Jack”"

“Get Back Jack” is a rollicking, bluesy number, propelled by driving piano chords and frontman Steve Rothstein’s full-throated vocals, backed up by his bandmates’ close harmonising. Redstone Hall have a keen ear for the musical styles of yesterday, paying tribute to old-school blues and rock, while crafting something that’s undoubtedly their own.

They’re touring the US in October, and their debut EP “Elephant” will be out in September.

Redstone Hall – “Get Back Jack” - Listen Before You Buy

"Redstone Hall - ElePhant EP"

Los Angeles quartet Redstone Hall debut today with their debut EP, Elephant, a six-song effort ensconced in the sort of fuzzy 1960’s pop/rock that grew into the garage rock movement. Steven Rothstein (vocals/keys/rhythm guitar); Zack Hall (guitar/vox); Mac Hadar (bass/vox) and Mike Nussbaum (drums) have developed a reputation for their jam-filled live shows as well as for a distinctive pop sensibility. Redstone Hall opens a national tour to support Elephant in November of 2010.
Elephant opens with “Rain”, a splendid example of 1960’s pop/rock. There’s some serious instrumental work going on behind the scenes here, and the songwriting’s none too shabby either. “Allison” sounds like something Elvis Costello might have written if he’d started out in the 1960’s. Even the messy garage-rock sound fails to disguise the distinct melodicism inherent in the song. “Get Back Jack” is catchy; a decent turn before Redstone Hall launches into the Moody Blues-like “Ready Set Go”. This classical/pop/new age blend is catchy synth pop, early 1970’s style, and has a melody you won’t be able to shake. “Cold Black Cloud” is soulful, repetitive and desperate. This is one of those songs where a lot of good elements are involved but as a whole it doesn’t mesh well. Elephant closes with “Oh, Celia”, a catchy bit of 1960’s-style folk/pop that seems likely to be licensed for the movies or television. It’s a great close to the album, a catchy but somewhat refined pop tune with a life of its own.
Elephant displays a young band with serious intentions toward the future even while having roots firmly entrenched in the history of rock n roll. Retro enough to cross generations but fresh enough to catch the ear of modern radio programmers, Redstone Hall has the tools to do big things. There’s a primitive nature to the songs presented on Elephant, a quality that will bear out well live, yet serves here to give the album a live and un-retouched feel. There’s a lot to like about Redstone Hall.
- Wildy's World

"The DT3 our Top New Albums for Oct 5th"

Los-Angeles-based band Redstone Hall makes a lasting impression with their modern rock debut EP ElePhant, which highlights the band’s eclectic, retro style and penchant for melody. They’ve got soul, pop-sensibility, and rock ‘n’ roll spirit to spare. Look out for highlights “Rain” and “Get Back Jack.” - Digital Trends

"Redstone Hall, Jo Hell and the Red Rooster, Sweet Texas Crude"

Redstone Hall, Jo Hell & The Red Rooster and Sweet Texas Crude at The Aardvark
If Los Angeles' Redstone Hall would have formed in the early '80s, everyone would have dismissed the band as yet another act trying to ape Elvis Costello. But nowadays, such plagiarism is somehow seen as decidedly hip. And Redstone Hall has the sound down pat, an organ-infused mixture of '60s soul and '70s new wave that features energy to spare. The band's debut EP came out in September and actually features a song entitled "Allison." No, it's not a Costello cover, but a strong original. If I were going to be in Cowtown this evening, I might just check out Redstone Hall. Austin's Jo Hell & The Red Rooster and Dallas' own Sweet Texas Crude add some authentic Texas twang to the headliner's retro stylings. - The Dallas Observer

"Redstone Hall - ElePhant EP"

OK heres the background - Redstone Hall has been ruling the clubs of LA since their debut at the Roxy in 2003. The quartet – lead singer, songwriter and keyboard player Steven Rothstein; lead guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Zack Hall; bass man and vocalist Mac Hadar and drummer Mike Nussbaum – is known for exciting stage shows that combine rock, funk, soul, blues and pop, with an expansive improvisational element.

The band started as a heavily improvisational unit, playing progressive compositions that allowed the members to show off their instrumental skills, but they evolved rapidly. The band was soon drawing on the sounds of the soul and rock of the 60s and 70s, writing tunes that were more focused and hook driven without sacrificing their originality or complexity. They began headlining clubs and creating a street-level buzz. Music Connection named them one of LA’s top unsigned bands in 2008.

They took a few tries at making a debut record, but their eclectic blend of styles confounded producers. Then they met Dave Cobb (Shooter Jennings, Jack White, Nico Vega.) “We were more of a live act than a recording band,” Zack Hall says. “Dave knew what we were going for and helped us get it.”

Cobb recorded the band live, using vintage equipment to capture their forceful live energy and expansive sound. Brian LeBarton (Beck’s keyboard player) helped out with keys on a few tracks. “Dave understood our modern take on retro styles and pulled the best out of us,” Steven Rothstein says. “We had a bunch of tunes we’d road tested, but Dave encouraged us to stretch and challenge ourselves.” Rothstein and Hall went on to write most of the EP during the recording sessions, giving the music an immediate feel that’s palpable.

Having heard the featured song from the forthcoming release of brand new EP "ElePhant" (out October 5th), Beehive Candy strongly recommends checking this band out further - we intend to.
- Beehive Candy

"Get Back Jack"

"Get Back Jack” is a rollicking, bluesy number, propelled by driving piano chords and frontman Steve Rothstein’s full-throated vocals, backed up by his bandmates’ close harmonising. Redstone Hall have a keen ear for the musical styles of yesterday, paying tribute to old-school blues and rock, while crafting something that’s undoubtedly their own.

They’re touring the US in October, and their debut EP “Elephant” will be out in September" - Listen Before You Buy

"Redstone Hall : "Get Back Jack""

R&B and soulful organ wails abound on Redstone Hall’s new EP, ElePhant, out October 5th. Step on out of your Tuesday with “Get Back Jack”, taken from the EP. - Parasites and Sycophants


Redstone Hall represents a highly ambitious version of Chamber pop. Surveying the musical spectrum from funk and rock to blues and reggae, they cover almost every genre and style in existence and add a pop sheen to it. “CHASING DOWN A DREAM” stands out and the remaining material is consistently good. The group plays well beyond its years. Hall’s guitar work in particular is inventive and inspired. His playing is evocative of other great guitarists like Page, Clapton and Bloomfield. Rothstein’s key work and vocals are above average and when he kicks it up with his guitar, his status rises considerably. Considering the youthfulness of this group, the skill level these players possess is surprising. - MUSIC CONNECTION


Have you been to Universal CityWalk’s Summer Concert Series? If not, you are missing out on some hot music! On Saturday July 26 at 8pm, I got to see a great band called Redstone Hall. A mix of 60’s and 70’s classic rock, pop, soul and reggae, this band really delivered! Front man Steven Rothstein is not only a great performer and sexy, but has a great, pure voice and had all of the girls in the audience screaming for more! Steven not only sings; he also plays the keyboard and rhythm guitar throughout their set. Lead guitarist and backup vocalist Zack Hall is definitely a master of his trade with his incendiary guitar solos and obvious talent. Zack’s voice blended perfectly with Steven’s, especially on my favorite song, “Drift,” which started out with just their two voices and a hint of melodic keyboard, but ended as a full-blown rock song.
The main thing that kept me rockin’ throughout their 45-minute set was the fact that no song sounded like the one before it, and except for their cover of “Good Times Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin, each song was an absolute original, and I especially enjoyed their song “Locomotive,” a reggae-inspired ballad.


It's been a long time since a band this talented showed up on the scene and it's about time. Last Saturday, Universal CityWalk's Summer Block Party hosted the unforgettable performance of the L.A. based band, Redstone Hall. They sound like Led Zeppelin meets The Beatles meets The Doors - raw, yet intriguingly melodic. Despite their young age, they sound like they've been playing together for more than a decade. Their songs evoke the frenetic rhythms of classic rock almost forgotten by other bands of their generation. Lead singer Steven Rothstein not only has an indisputable accelerating energy on stage, but he also plays the keyboards and the acoustic guitar. An animal on stage Redstone hits the keyboard with an oomph that would put Jerry Lee Lewis to shame. He plays keyboards with crazed madness and acoustic guitar with a fresh and delightful sensitivity, captivating the audience with his untamed charisma.

Guitarist Zack Hall developed a mastery that can only be compared to the intoxicating rhythms recognized in the works of Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Hall's great performance, delirious riffs and dazzling magnetism on stage will make him a legend in years to come. His mesmerizing solo riffs brought back the essence of pure rock. He is a virtuoso who brought the crowd from 0-60 in the first three seconds of their first song. Bass player Mac Hadar nailed every note. Closing his eyes as each bass line crawled from his fingertips up through his veins; Hadar's stage presence is gripping. Talented drummer Mike Nussbaum has soul on his beats and his distinctive style and steady strikes brought the crowd back to the savage days of classic rock.

Redstone Hall's pop-rock hits "Time Bomb" and "Shame" hold the promise of becoming anthems among the raving crowd who piled against the fence in front of the stage trying to get a better look at the handsome band. It's a band worth watching and hearing live. At their young age, they know how to drive a crowd into a frenzy. - THE LYNWOOD JOURNAL

"Redstone Hall at Molly Malones"

The four members of Redstone Hall exhibit quality musicianship and deliver melodic, danceable, fun, contemporary songs. All four members are integral to the band's music but the two standouts are Steven Rothstein on vocals and Zack Hall on guitar. Blessed with a top-notch voice, charisma, and plenty of energy, Rothstein is a capable front man. His counterpart, Hall, on guitar, mixes a blend of varying old school rock, modern contemporary rock, and a smidgen of up-tempo lounge jazz. Rothstein as a vocalist is talented… with an ability and energy that sent the females up close into a lustful tizzy. -


After releasing a few self produced singles, Redstone Hall teamed up with producer Dave Cobb (Shooter Jennings, Rock n Roll Soldiers) to record their debut EP. In the Fall of 2010 their first single “Get Back Jack” will be released followed by their 6 track EP that became available in October, 2010. Simultaneously the band embarked on their first Western and Southwestern states tour beginning Oct 21, 2010.



Redstone Hall is an American band based in Los Angeles, CA that consists of Steven Rothstein (Lead Vocals, Keys, Rhythm Guitar) Zack Hall (Guitar, Vocals) Mac Hadar (Bass, Vocals) and Mike Nussbaum (Drums). Their sound is built on a foundation of classic rock but incorporates an exciting array of contemporary rock, pop, and jam ingredients. Redstone Hall delivers a fresh and modern take on the styles established by the classic rock greats that the guys grew up listening to and studying. The songwriting is melodic, diverse, and seems to be hauntingly familiar yet surprisingly new. The band began playing at venues in the greater Los Angeles area where they became known for their improvisational jamming and energetic live sets.