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CD- Shades of Red
Book- First Person
How To Get Your Ex Back:



Red Summer is a Jane-of-all-trades. Her background in Musical Theater,
Interdisciplinary Art, Song-Writing, Spoken Word Poetry, Film Production and both Secondary and Post-Secondary Education, makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Red Summer has traveled across the country on a promotional book tour for her collection of
poetry entitled, First Person. She continues to grow her international audience with performances in Cuba, Spain, France, England and three countries in Africa. While on tour, she makes time to interact with local communities by conducting workshops and performances at high schools, colleges, coffee houses and other venues. This interaction has helped to establish a loyal fan base who follow her to performances and festivals around the country.

As a multifaceted artist, Red Summer is working on her first independent film project entitled, Chasing Summer. Chasing Summer is a virtual shotgun ride about a personal journey that is sure to be as elaborate as Red Summer herself. Her love for poetry and music intertwines to make this experience an artistic journey, while her passion for history, travel and culture drives a spiritual mission to overcome the past and redefine the future. With each city she visits, Chicago Film Director, Carlos Saqiid, captures the essence of the people and their perspectives on their city’s unique history evolving around music, food and culture. Through the director’s lens, a collaboration of artistic works beautifully quilted together, tell the entire story of the Red Summer experience– .

Additionally, the creators of Chasing Summer have designed an interactive outreach program that engages high school and college students in writing, public speaking and performance art. They currently partner with Young Chicago Authors and Verbal Remedies in writing workshops for youth in urban areas. They also provide self-esteem workshops and programs around topics such as; college readiness, life-skills, entrepreneurship, social history/activism and career education. Red Summer and her team truly believe in giving back to young people by “watering their dreams” and empowering them with the tools they need to be successful. To experience the Verbal Remedies Workshops, click on this link- .

Highly touted as the next major voice of social change, “Welcome to the stage everybody...Red Summer!”