Red Sunday

Red Sunday


Red Sunday is a hard hitting mind shattering rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They have energetic live performances with though provoking songs that touch on topics about everyday struggles and the power to persevere.


Red Sunday comes out of Bay Area music scene ready to unleash their brand of rock music to the masses. Five years of hard work developing a sound that can only be described as something indescribable. Red Sunday has quickly become one of the Bay Area’s most promising and dependable rock band in recent years. Giving fans of their music rock solid shows that boast powerful riffs and positive lyrics that speak to everybody, Red Sunday is ready to put their stamp on the Bay Area music scene. Already headlining club shows throughout the Bay Area building a strong fan base Mike Bunnell, Marcos Carriles, Steve Beth, Jo Jo Townsell, and DJ Evol Twizm are ready to release their debut “Truth and Beauty”.

Power through perseverance is the theme of “Truth and Beauty” giving listeners a gritty, positive, uplifting, effective dose of reality in their musical style and lyrics. “It’s about surviving through situations and doing whatever you have to do to get to that better place in life” lead singer Mike Bunnell says about his lyrics. Where most bands usually have one person who writes the song and stick to that format Red Sunday uses a collective approach to song writing taking input from all sides to create their unique style. In the beginning the group would write song after song throwing away as many songs as they created because they weren’t up to the groups standards whereas now they take their time with their lyrics and put the time in to do it right and make everything they put out the best that it can be. Bassist Marcos Carriles says, “People will make their own definition of what our sound is”. “We just wanna rock!” the members of Red Sunday add.

“We wanna grasp a bigger audience,” says drummer Jo Jo Townsell. When asked where they see themselves in five years. The band expressed that they see themselves playing to bigger audiences, playing on bigger stages, established and on tour. With the rapidly growing fan base combined with the headlining of shows around the Bay Area, Red Sunday could see their days of playing to big crowds sooner than they expect.


Truth & Beauty LP - 2009

Set List

Shine Down
Truth And Beauty
All Too Clear
Let Me Sleep
Slow Pace
Rest Your Eyes
Brother In Arms
Lunar Affair
Rolling Green Hills